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Page speed will soon affect Google Search results on mobile

The change will officially begin this July.

When you search for something, finding the best answers as quickly as possible is key. This is important when browsing on your desktop, but even more so when doing it from your phone. According to Google, this is the reason it’ll be tweaking how search results are displayed later this year.

Starting July 2018, search results on mobile will use page speed as a factor to determine what’s placed up  [Read More…]

Google is running customer surveys in the Pixel 2’s settings page

Um, whatcha doing, Google?

Although Google’s been around since the late 90s, Google as a hardware company is still very young. The Pixel and Google Home from 2016 were the first two major hardware releases we saw, and Google followed those up this year with the Pixel 2, Home Mini/Max, Pixelbook, Pixel Buds, and more.

The Pixel 2 is an incredible phone that we’ve raved about more than once, but it looks like Google is feeling a  [Read More…]

Chrome for Android makes it easier to download a web page and read it offline

Saving a local copy of a web article just got better in Chrome for Android.

Did you know you can long press on a link in Chrome for Android and you have the option to save it so you can read it offline? If you said no, it’s probably because it was one of those features nobody mentions and is mostly hidden. Google is changing that in the newest version of Chrome for Android.

Last year, we  [Read More…]

How to use the page zoom settings in Chrome

You can easily adjust the way your screen looks with Chrome.

Chrome makes surfing the web easier in a variety of different ways from awesome extensions that make your favorite apps accessible, to being able to quickly and easily adjust the settings.

If you’ve ever found yourself squinting while looking at the screen, or thought that the text was way too large, you probably want to adjust the zoom settings on your screen. It’s ridiculously easy with  [Read More…]

Control privacy settings for any web page with this easy Chrome shortcut

This powerful and simple tool lets you control exactly what happens when you visit a web page.

The web is rich with all sorts of content that often needs access to personal information, and Chrome is built so that you can take advantage of almost all of it. Whether that means enabling a microphone to have a chit-chat or letting Home Depot see your location so they can show you what’s on sale, deciding what type of  [Read More…]

Stop Google Play from adding icons to your home page [How-To]

If you are anything like me, you have your phone pages set just so. You know exactly where everything is and it is all just like you want it. Now, your friend suggests a new app or game and you go to install it. The next thing you know, you have a new tile on

Waste the day away playing Android.com’s 404 page game

Need to kill some time? Look no further.

A website admin never wants you to follow a dead link and end up on a /404 page. But hey, it’ happens. And if you hit this sort of snag on android.com, you’ll find an excellent (and deceptively difficult) game to play, right in the browser.

There are two Androids shooting various Android-themed tasty treats into a contraption, which you control with clicks of a mouse —  [Read More…]

New Samsung phone takes a page from HTC’s design eBook

Not literally of course, because I don’t know of such a tome. However, what I do know is a recent cache of photos has been leaked, detailing Samsung’s newest phone, the Galaxy C5. The phone looks similar to the HTC One A9, but since the A9 looks like the iPhone 6, the Galaxy C5 looks

Google’s About Me page lets you easily control the privacy of your personal information

Google has introduced a new online tool that allows you to easily control which bits of your personal information are publicly available across Google’s services.

Official BlackBerry Priv page popped up, specs outted

It appears that BlackBerry accidentally let its official Priv listing go live. Various sources are reporting that they spotted the page on BlackBerry’s website moments before it was taken down. Fortunately for those who are excited about the phone, we now have all the specs.

BlackBerry had already given us some official tidbits in the Priv’s pre-registration page. There, it outted the 5.4″ dual-curved screen, 3,410 mAh battery, and Schneider-Kreuznach camera.

BlackBerry Priv render[Read More…]