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Amazon awards gift cards to users who paid to remove Prime Exclusive Phones ads

Earlier this month, Amazon announced that it will no longer push lockscreen ads on its Prime Exclusive Phones and, as a result, would increase the price of the devices with $ 20. The company has been selling these products ever since 2016 and until recently owners could only get rid of these ads by paying a […]

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Google Play now gives away a paid app every week

Android has millions of free titles, but some paid titles need to be shared.

There are millions of free apps available on the Play Store, and many of them are pretty great. But there are also millions of paid apps that don’t always get the attention they deserve.

Now, Google wants to highlight a few of those paid titles by offering a free app or game of the week. The first one is Card Wars — Adventure  [Read More…]

Spotify may restrict major album releases to its paid subscribers

No word on which record companies would be a part of the deal.

And so it begins: The Financial Times reports that Spotify is looking to restrict major album releases from some of the major record labels as an incentive to lower its royalty fees.

The ploy is apparently in response to the company’s IPO ambitions—Spotify can’t make money off free listeners, and it needs to be making money to legitimize its place on the stock market.  [Read More…]

Gmail app adds Google Wallet money attachments so you can get paid faster

A sneakily great Gmail feature is coming from the web to Android.

You’ve been able to send and request money via Gmail for some time now — but curiously, the function was limited to the web. With the latest update to the Gmail app for Android, you now have the ability to make the same money transfers within the app, making it even easier to transfer money between friends and family.

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Spotify is testing a lossless Hi-Fi option as it hits 50 million paid subscribers

Spotify is about to launch the ‘ultimate music experience.’

Spotify announced back in September that it crossed 40 million paying customers, and it took the world’s largest streaming service just five and a half months to pick up an additional 10 million subscribers. In a tweet, Spotify revealed that it crossed 50 million paid subscribers. 2016 was a great year for streaming services in general, and Spotify is now looking to continue its momentum by testing a  [Read More…]

New T-Mobile deal will refund the sales tax paid on your new phone

Taxes really aren’t great, so T-Mobile wants to give you a refund on them.

T-Mobile simplifies its monthly plan billing by including taxes in its base price to keep things clean and consistent, and now it’s doing the same with its smartphone pricing. Starting February 1, when you buy a new phone from T-Mobile, it will refund you 11.2% of the price to cover even the highest sales tax you could pay the in the U.S.

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Why you shouldn’t download paid Android apps for free

Everyone likes free stuff. I love free stuff. But nothing in life is really free.

We’re not your mom, and we’re not going to get into the middle of a morals debate on software piracy and if it’s really stealing. But we can give you a couple of really good reasons not to download a pirated copy of a paid app.

It’s a good way to get malware

Yup. Malware. Most of what  [Read More…]

OnePlus paid a Vine star to unbox the OnePlus 3T inside a fighter jet

Jake Paul pulls multiple Gs while unboxing the OnePlus 3T.

In honor of the OnePlus 3T — the souped-up version of the OnePlus 3 the company released back in June — OnePlus enlisted some help to give its speedier new model an unboxing video worthy of the new Snapdragon 821 processor, 16MP front-facing camera, beefed-up 3400mAh battery, and new 128GB storage option.

Yes, that’s YouTuber and Vine star Jake Paul taking the OnePlus 3T along  [Read More…]

Google’s Android Security Rewards program has paid out more than $550,000 so far

Google has released an overview of its Android Security Rewards program, which has just wrapped up its first year. Added to the Google Vulnerability Rewards Program in June 2015, the Android Security Rewards program has thus far paid out more than $ 550,000 to security researchers for discovering and reporting vulnerabilities, the company revealed.

Here are some of the more interesting tidbits about the program’s first year, highlighted by Google:

We paid over $ 550,000 to 82  [Read More…]