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Google brings its parental control Family Link service to Canada

The service is also available in Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and the U.S.

After debuting almost a year ago for families in the U.S., Google is bringing its Family Link service to Canada. Given that nearly half of grade four students in Canada have access to a smartphone during the day, Family Link’s debut is coming at a good time.

The idea is pretty simple: kids want to use the internet in some form, be it on  [Read More…]

How to set parental controls on Google Play Store content

With the vast array of content in the Google Play Store it can often be difficult to find what you’re looking for with apps being buried deep in the various categories and you may find yourself wanting more control over what is displayed in each of those categories. Google makes it a pretty simple task to […]

Facebook wants teens to use its apps, but not without parental guidance

A new messaging app from the social network is aimed at teens and will focus primarily on offering robust parental controls.

There is code inside the main Facebook app that refers to a yet-to-be-released messaging app aimed especially at teens.

According to The Information, the app is called “Talk” and it’s developed to offer a bevy of parental controls. It’s restricted to users 13 years or older and teens won’t need their own Facebook profile to access the app.  [Read More…]

Samsung’s Marshmallow apps put parental controls on your Galaxy phone

Have a Samsung Galaxy smartphone around the house and you can’t think of any new good spots of where to hiding it from your kid? Samsung comes to the rescue with a parental control app which allows parents to simply limit their children’s onscreen time. Surely you can always prevent a child from accessing a […]

Google Family Link finally brings broad parental controls to Android phones

Parents will soon have new tools to manage their child’s phone access.

Google is making a huge step toward letting families manage Google accounts and phones of children in the house, moving well beyond Google Play Family Library. Family Link is Google’s new system for parents to create Google accounts for minors (under 13 years old, officially) who technically can’t have their own accounts, and when attached to an Android phone the parents get all sorts of great tools  [Read More…]

Nintendo’s Parental Control app is amazing. Here’s how to use it!

Every game console should have parental controls this nice.

While there are definitely adults roaming the world right now with Nintendo Switches in hands, rescuing the lands of Hyrule or racing in futuristic hovercrafts, plenty of new Switch owners are actually kids. Not every parent is a gamer, but most parents want to make sure their children are not up at all hours of the night playing on this new highly portable console. Switch is small enough  [Read More…]

How an Android parental control app can help you give a better smartphone experience to your kid

Kids start asking for a personal tablet or a smartphone before they enter their teen years. As they start making plans about how they are going to use their cool gadget, parents worry about the different online risks they have thus far been avoiding. A personal device means the kids would be able to use

YouTube Kids delivers child-friendly video experience with parental controls


Google and YouTube this week rolled out a new Android and iOS app for YouTube which is aimed at children. Dubbed YouTube Kids, it’s a way of delivering a filtered and curated experience that puts parents at ease. There are a number of controls and user-defined settings to ensure your younger ones aren’t wandering out of their lanes.

They Say

The official YouTube Kids app is designed  [Read More…]

Plex Home delivers parental controls, better sharing, managed accounts

Plex Home has arrived to deliver new features allowing users to have better control over sharing and their media in a multi-member family household. Users can now choose who they want to share their media content with and create separate user profiles for different members of their family — something that is enabled as a result of Plex moving server management to the web app.

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Tesco launches the Hudl 2, boasting improved specs and parental controls for £129

Tesco has launched the second generation of its Hudl tablet. The UK retailer has even put plans for a branded smartphone on hold just so everything can be focused on getting Hudl 2 out the doors and into the hands of consumers. The company has kept most of what made the Hudl unique, but has made some notable improvements.

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