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T-Mobile intros FamilyMode to help parents better control child smartphone usage

T-Mobile today announced its latest initiative in the form of a service called FamilyMode. Designed for parents, it gives them better control over how their child, or children, use their smartphones.

Built with two components, it’s one part mobile app and one part physical box. The app is loaded onto the parent devices while the box (Home Base) is installed in the home and connects to Wi-Fi.

Using the app, parents can mange usage time, filter out apps and content,  [Read More…]

Verizon’s new Smart Family app gives parents control over their kids’ phones

Verizon has just announced an overhaul of its old FamilyBase service. The new Smart Family app comes with a new interface and novel features.

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Amazon now allows parents to remotely control FreeTime settings

No more snooping over your kid’s shoulder.

When it comes to parental controls for mobile gadgets, Amazon’s FreeTime system is one of the best around. FreeTime allows parents to set a number of limits on their children’s Fire Tablets, but until now, these settings were only accessible on the tablet itself.

Starting today, however, Amazon is giving parents remote access to these things.

By going to the Amazon Parent Dashboard from a phone, tablet, or desktop, parents  [Read More…]

A parent’s guide to kids using their phone during an active shooter event

The ability to communicate is powerful when everything goes wrong.

Crisis situations come in all shapes and sizes, and when you are not there with you kid to protect them these events can be equally terrifying. While the most important thing is staying safe, there’s nothing wrong with being prepared and knowing the best way to navigate a bad situation. It’s not always easy to remember the right thing to do in those situations even as adults,  [Read More…]

Google Family Link is now invite-free for parents in the U.S.

After being announced as an invite-only service in March, Family Link can now be used by any and all parents in the U.S.

Back in March, Google officially introduced Family Link — a suite of parental controls that aimed to help make raising your kids in the 21st century just a little bit easier. Family Link could only be accessed with an invitation when it first launched, but today, Google is making the service available for everyone  [Read More…]

With Family Link, Google is finally giving parents some much-needed help

I’m not asking Google to raise my kid. I just want all the help I can get when it comes to them learning the ins and outs of living online.

There’s a tendency to look at Google’s newly announced “Family Link” program and scoff. And rightly so. On one hand it’s very much the sort of family account we parents have been asking for for years.

To recap: This is a legit way to get your under-13  [Read More…]

Best phone photography gear for kids (and their parents)

Take your kids on phone photography adventures with all the great gear you need to get creative!

Shooting with your Android device may be a great way to capture some incredible moments with your family, but it’s also an awesome tool to get your children involved with the fun and creative world of photography!

Photography – and phone photography – is a great way to encourage kids to get active, explore the world outside their bedroom,  [Read More…]

A Parent’s Guide to Pokémon Go

Your kids are playing Pokémon Go, but are they doing so safely? We can help!

You’ve heard of Pokémon Go by now. This global phenomenon recently exploded to popularity, and is being talked about everywhere. There’s not one specific group of people playing the game, either. Kids, teens, and adults from every walk of life are wandering out in the real world with smartphones to play the game. The popularity of this game is unlike anything  [Read More…]

Samsung’s Bedtime VR Stories could bring busy parents and their kids together

Virtual reality has the potential to transform the way we think about all kinds of interactions, and Samsung’s latest idea is a perfect example of that. Called Bedtime VR Stories, the in-development app seeks to bridge the divide between busy parents and their children by bringing the two together for story time in virtual reality.

From Samsung:

Sharing a bedtime story is incredibly special. But longer working days and hectic schedules make this harder to do. At Samsung we  [Read More…]

Use your Amazon Echo to solve the murder of Bruce Wayne’s parents

Amazon has teamed up with Warner Bros. to bring a new Batman v Superman promotion to the Amazon Echo. Called The Wayne Investigation, the promotion takes the form of a voice-powered choose-your-own-adventure game, which tasks you with solving the murder of Bruce Wayne’s parents.

The Wayne Investigation features several characters that you can question in order to solve the crime. As you progress, you’ll find clues and receive guidance from your Amazon Echo. From Variety:

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