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Take almost $50 off the WD My Passport 2TB portable SSD

Covered by a three-year warranty.

The WD My Passport 2TB portable solid state drive is down to $ 323.99 on Amazon. The SSD was selling for around $ 370 at the beginning of March. Since then it has been going for around $ 350, but the drop to $ 324 is the lowest we’ve seen since a rare drop on Black Friday last year.

Store it all WD My Passport 2TB portable SSD

So much space. And  [Read More…]

The WD My Passport 1TB portable solid state drive has dropped to $170

Portable storage that won’t disappoint.

The WD My Passport 1TB portable solid state drive is down to $ 169.99 on Amazon. This portable storage device has been selling around $ 190 for the last few months and today’s price matches the lowest it has ever gone.

Store more WD My Passport 1TB portable SSD

If you want a speedy and reliable portable SSD at its best ever price, you’re in luck. This 1TB WD model is back  [Read More…]

WD’s portable 1TB My Passport drive is down to $50 at Amazon

Simple, fast, large storage solution.

Western Digital is a well-known brand when it comes to hard drives, and the company’s $ 49.99 1TB external My Passport drive is no exception. Its portable design makes it easy to keep in your bag with you for quick and easy access to your files from anywhere. We live in a digital age, and it’s never been more necessary to backup your data and keep extra copies of it around. Right  [Read More…]

AT&T announces new international Passport plans starting at $60

Passport Gold and Silver are being replaced with AT&T Passport 1GB and 3GB.

If you’ve ever traveled abroad and are an AT&T customer, you’ve probably ordered a Passport package before. AT&T Passport is the carrier’s program for offering international coverage while out of the country, and today it’s receiving a sizeable upgrade with plans that offer even more data and better value.

AT&T’s Passport Silver and Gold plans are gone and have been replaced by Passport 1GB  [Read More…]

BlackBerry Passport with Android Lollipop on board shown off on video

While the BlackBerry-branded Venice has been making the rounds as of late, it’s apparently not the only BlackBerry device to be installed with Google’s mobile operating system.

According to a new video published by Dudu Rocha Tec., there’s a BlackBerry Passport out there in the wild that’s running Android. And, to be specific, it’s an Android Lollipop build that looks relatively untouched by proprietary software. It’s pretty clear in the video that the Passport in question is a prototype unit,  [Read More…]

Purported BlackBerry Passport with Android Lollipop onboard appears

PhoneArena states that a BlackBerry device codenamed Venice running Lollipop has surfaced.

Although BB10 OS can run some Android apps, it is not the most user-friendly experience. Not only would having a device using native Android would be better in this regard, but it could be what BlackBerry needs to make the company more competitive.

Additionally, a developer on Twitter adds support to this allegation. He or she posted a photo that appears to show a BlackBerry Passport, model SQW-ANDS, running  [Read More…]

CrackBerry reviews the BlackBerry Passport!

We know more than a few of you here are former BlackBerry users and abusers, and so today marks a momentous occasion — the first new piece of BlackBerry hardware in quite some time.

Yep, it’s the new BlackBerry Passport. It’s big, it’s square, and we’ll just have to wait and see if it matters a damn in the scheme of things. Or has business already moved on to Android and iOS?

Either way, be sure  [Read More…]

United Airlines app lets you scan your passport for international flight check-in

United Airlines is introducing a new “trial feature” to its app that lets international travelers scan their passports along with check-in using their phone. The app can use the scanned image of your passport to either verify previously-entered information or add it to the system, removing one step that slows down the ticketing and boarding process of international flights.

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BlackBerry pimps unreadable spreadsheets as a reason to buy the Passport over Android

We’ll just let this image speak for itself, but it’s cute how they clunked up the notification area first before taking that screenshot. So, yeah. That’s the BlackBerry Passport.

Source: BlackBerry; via CrackBerry

Unannounced Galaxy S5 mini now supported by NNL Fingerprint Passport

The Galaxy S5 Mini has yet to be announced, however it still received a quick mention in today’s update of NNL Fingerprint Passport in the Samsung Apps store. As noted within the “What’s new”, the app Added support for screen rotation and S5 mini.