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PSA: Verizon is down for a lot of people in the U.S. right now

It’s unclear when the service will be back up and running.

What you need to know Verizon Wireless is down for a lot of people in the U.S. The most affected states include Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Kansas. It’s unclear right now when service will be back to normal.

We hate to interrupt your Friday with this kind of news, but if you’ve been having issues with your Verizon service today, you aren’t alone. For a lot of  [Read More…]

The new iPhones are just big enough upgrades to make people care

The only ‘feature’ that matters is that it’s still an iPhone.

Another year, another Apple announcement that was somehow both hyped and eventually disappointing. The star of the show, per usual, was the latest iPhone: the interestingly named iPhone 11 Pro. Building on the iPhone XS from last year, Apple made its typical move of slightly refreshing the hardware, adding a few features, and claiming its revolutionary status.

Look at the slide above from the launch event.  [Read More…]

Google Assistant gets new ‘Your people’ page to add contact relationships

The feature enables Assistant to help you share and keep in touch with the important people in your life.

What you need to know Google Assistant’s ‘Your People’ feature has been revamped in the latest stable and beta releases of the Google app. The simpler interface lets you easily view and manage members in your Google family group. Previously, users could establish connections in the “Your People” section only by using their voice.

Google has revamped the  [Read More…]

Samsung, be better and hire better people

Samsung, you know better. At least you should, anyway.

There are a few things about the internet that are always true — once you’ve put something out there it never goes away and that people can change but your past follows you forever. It might not be fair, but it’s true; once you’ve done or said it on the internet it is forever. A third thing that is often true, too, is that you’ll find some really  [Read More…]

Google Assistant now allows you to assign reminders to people

Available for English users in the U.S., UK, and Australia.

What you need to know An update to the Google Assistant allows you to assign reminders to people. It works for time and location-based reminders. You can only send reminders to people that are in your family group.

If you have a Google Home or Nest Hub, chances are you’re a frequent user of the Reminders feature. Being able to have the Assistant remind you to take  [Read More…]

Fingerprint and facial recognition breach leaks records of 1 million people

The Biostar 2 system is used by governments, banks, and the UK police.

What you need to know Two Israeli security researchers discovered an unencrypted Biostar 2 database with 23GB worth of data Included in the data were fingerprints, facial scans, usernames, passwords, and other personal information of over 1 million people. The vulnerability has now been closed and the company is doing an in-depth evaluation of the information.

Last week, Israeli security researchers Noam Rotem and  [Read More…]

Twitch is encountering a lot of issues that have people irritated

This new hashtag has been trending and there’s a groan-inducing story behind the whole sorry mess

What you need to know There have been numerous questionable issues involving streamers on Twitch over the last few months. On top of this, there was a recent issue involving streamer Ninja’s Twitch channel, which was being used to promote other Fortnite streamers and (indirectly) promoted NSFW content including pornography The accumulation of these events have led users on Twitter to  [Read More…]

The latest reason why people want to boycott Borderlands 3

A movement to boycott Borderlands 3 is trending as a result of an ongoing issue

What you need to know #BoycottBorderlands3 has been trending on Twitter recently. This hashtag began as a result of as issue with YouTuber SupMatto. Supmatto detailed his version of events in a video on his YouTube channel. 2K and Gearbox have provided a response to SupMatto’s statements.

If you’ve been browsing Twitter today, you might have seen #BoycottBorderlands3 trending. If you clicked  [Read More…]

Google paid people to scan their faces for Pixel 4 ‘field research’

The goal is to make the Pixel 4’s face unlock as inclusive as possible.

What you need to know Google has confirmed that it paid people to scan their faces. A report about this surfaced earlier this month. Face unlock is being used as part of the Pixel 4’s Motion Sense features.

Google threw the tech blogging world for another loop on July 29 when it shared a teaser video for the Pixel 4 to confirm two  [Read More…]

Remember the Galaxy Note 7? I don’t think many people do at this point

This didn’t happen that long ago, yet it’s faded from consciousness and we keep buying Samsung phones.

Remember the Galaxy Note 7? That’s the one where hundreds of phones started spontaneously catching on fire shortly after launch due to battery design flaws, Samsung had to recall the phone, then re-launched it, and had to recall it again when the issue persisted. This all happened less than three years ago; the reborn Galaxy Note 7 Fan Edition launched  [Read More…]