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Want a free flagship phone? AT&T is having a buy one, get one sale right now

We recently told you about T-Mobile’s new sale offering some flagships at half-price. AT&T is now coming out with its own amazing deal and is currently offering some select flagships for free when you purchase a flagship from the same manufacturer. Here are the nuts and bolts. You can head over to an AT&T store […]

Bluboo R1 could be first rugged phone with wireless charging

If you’ve followed AndroidGuys closely over the last few years, you no doubt know that we’re fans of unlocked smartphones. Not just the stuff from the big-name brands, but from those in other markets looking to carve out a name for themselves. It’s in these phones that we find a really high feature set for low […]

Get your dual camera phone for less than $150 this summer

Dual cameras are becoming the standard for most smartphones released today, regardless of whether they are premium affairs or middle-to-upper rangers. And Chinese manufacturers have brought prices of dual camera phones way down, so almost everybody can afford one. The Honor 6X currently sells for $ 249.99, but what if we told you will soon be […]

LG X Power2 is a phone with boring specs and a huge battery

LG continues to focus on just one feature and ignore everything else in its X series.

LG has introduced the successor to the X Power, and like last year’s handset, the X Power2 has a huge battery and not much else going for it. The phone sports a 5.5-inch 720p display, 1.5GHz octa-core CPU, 2GB of RAM (1.5GB in select markets), 16GB storage, microSD slot, 13MP rear camera, 5MP front shooter, and a 4500mAh battery that LG claims will  [Read More…]

How-To: Connecting your phone to a Bluetooth device

If you didn’t already know, Bluetooth is a type of wireless connection that will easily transmit audio channels and is a popular connection method for today’s wireless devices. So popular in fact, some developers have decided to do away with the 3.5mm audio jack on their devices. Let’s jump in and get you connected to […]

Odd phone diaries: the Meitu T8 employs AI to take better selfies

Taking selfies has become a daily part of our life, as technology has made it so easy for us to snap self-portraits whenever we feel pretty. Now if you’re one of those people who spends a lot of time taking selfies, only to delete them all in the end, you’ll probably want to hear about […]

Our favorite anti-slip car mats for your phone

All the convenience of a car mounts without the hassle.

There’s no arguing that car mounts are a sound investment for anyone who drives a lot and wants to keep an eye on their phone, but they have some drawbacks.

They can be tricky to install in the proper place for optimal operation, they can block some sight lines to the road, and not all car mounts can different sized phones, making them hard to share between  [Read More…]

How to stream music from your phone in an older car

Upgrading your car stereo capabilities on the cheap.

Story time: I’ve got an older car, a 2001 VW Jetta, that still runs great but lacks some of the modern amenities that I would prefer to have in my car. Most notably, my car stereo still prominently features a cassette deck along with FM/AM radio.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure this setup was out of date back in 2001.

I’m well past using physical media for my music, so  [Read More…]

ZTE officially teases the Gigabit Phone for MWC 2017

The company will showcase the “forward-looking” capabilities of its first Gigabit smartphone, in addition to a few new devices.

Straight from the mouth of babes, ZTE has announced what it plans to showcase at this year’s Mobile World Congress 2017, happening February 27 in Barcelona.

The official press release states the following:

The introduction of the forward-looking smartphone, the ZTE Gigabit Phone, marks an important cornerstone for the 5G mobile era. The ZTE Gigabit Phone is revolutionizing  [Read More…]

How-To: Connecting your phone to a WiFi network

Internet. It’s what we all use now. It’s everywhere. What would your Android device be without some sort of internet connection? Sure, you may be saying, “I have a data plan what do I need your stupid WiFi for?” As true as that is for most of you, there are times when WiFi is necessary. […]