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ZTE prepping a new ‘Axon Phone’ for the U.S. this summer

A new Android smartphone that seemingly is coming out of nowhere in fact is from a very familiar place.

Those of us who wade through press releases for a living have recently found ourselves bombarded with mentions of an upcoming “Axon Phone.” We hadn’t given it too much thought — there are hundreds of random phones out there fighting for attention. But it turns out there’s a little more to this story. PC Mag’s Sascha Segan  [Read More…]

Getting your phone SIM unlocked is easy

Unlocking your phone is as easy as entering a code. Here’s how to get one.

We’ve been talking a good bit about unlocked phones (the network unlocked kind) and went over some of the benefits of them, and why you might want to have one. Hopefully, it has answered some of your questions about it all.

Today, we’re going to talk about how to network unlock your phone. All of those mentioned benefits and reasons to  [Read More…]

Amazon deal cuts the price of the Fire Phone to £99 in the UK

Amazon has cut the price of both Fire Phone models down to just £99 for folks in the UK.

Amazon apparently really wants those in the UK to pick up a Fire Phone. The company has slashed the price of both the 32GB and 64GB versions of the device down to just £99 in the UK.

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Why do I care if my phone is SIM unlocked?

Would you buy a car that can only use the right lane?

SIM unlocked, or network unlocked, phones aren’t a big deal for many of us. We’re using a network provider that works well in the places where we spend most of our time (or should be), and using a phone that was designed to work on that particular network. Everyone is happy, everything just works, and we don’t take time to think about it.

But  [Read More…]

What is an ‘unlocked’ phone? (And why do I care?)

Is my phone’s bootloader unlocked? Is it SIM unlocked? What’s the difference, and why is any of this important?

Unlocked. It’s a word you’ll see used a lot on websites about mobile technology, and most people writing about it will be sure to let you know that it is a good thing™. And it is (See? told ‘ya). But unlocked can mean different things — that are all good things — depending on what, exactly, we’re  [Read More…]

Amazon Fire phone once again discounted to $179

Miss out on all of the previous Amazon Fire phone deals and now you’re thinking that you might like to pull the trigger on one? Lucky you, because Amazon’s holding another sale.

The Amazon Fire phone is once again being discounted to $ 179 unlocked and contract-free, down from its normal $ 449 asking price. Also included with the Fire phone is a full year of Amazon Prime and all of the goodies that come with it, like free two-day  [Read More…]

Cricket slashes phone prices in summer promo

Cricket Wireless has dropped the price for a number of its smartphones as we get ready to head into the summer season.

“Cricket wants to give customers something to smile about this summer by keeping more cash in their pockets, so we’ve dropped our prices on an array of smartphones“

Starting today you can pick up an Android device from the no-contract carrier for as low as $ 1. Yes, you can also grab some other stuff, too, like the  [Read More…]

Fairphone 2, a modular phone designed to last

If you liked the whole concept behind Google’s Project Ara, having the ability to easily swap out your phone’s components in a whim, then you’ll most likely enjoy hearing about the Fairphone 2.  They’ve also introduced a modular phone, but with a different aim.

The objective with the Fairphone 2 was easy component replacement, with the purpose of making a device last.  For instance, one of the pain-points we often find ourselves is dealing with a cracked screen.  Fairphone says that the  [Read More…]

Google offers to help select your next Android phone

With so many Android devices available in the market, some may have hard time figuring out what is the best smartphone to suit their individual needs.  Sure millions of people love the ever famous and spectacular Samsung Galaxy S6, but that phone may not suit your needs as well as the HTC One M9 if you’re into music because of the M9’s incredible Boom Sound speakers.  Or maybe you want to have a functional and business-savvy phone like the Note 4 but  [Read More…]