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Accessory of the Day: Do Good Have Fun Car Phone Mount


Do you find yourself commuting to and from work in a car or, perhaps, driving as part of your job? Where are you putting your smartphone while you drive? Surely, not in the cup holder or on your lap, right? And, you’re definitely not texting and driving, are you?

Put your handset somewhere you can see it with the Do Good Have Fun Car Phone  [Read More…]

Sony’s ‘selfie’ focused phone launches tomorrow

Sony is getting set to launch a new smartphone that makes it easier to capture selfies. The device will be officially announced tomorrow, and while there aren’t any details as to what it will be called or its availability, an earlier leak suggested that the selfie-focused phone will be available in all major global markets.

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100 lucky Ara Scouts get to trial Google’s Project Ara phone

Google’s modular Project Ara phone concept will get publicly tested by 100 members of the public through a program called Ara Scouts. The modular phone experiment was born out of Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) team and now it seems that 100 members of the public will be receiving an early prototype to test, use, and provide Google with feedback on how to improve Ara before it gets released commercially sometime early next year.

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Samsung’s premium Galaxy F leaks yet again, gives us the best look at the phone thus far

samsung galaxy f render______

Here we go again. We’ve seen this device leak many times before. Galaxy F is allegedly going to be Samsung’s premium offering, metal chassis and all. Let’s get down to it.

Last time this device leaked we’ve seen a part of the phone itself in a render, courtesy of @evleaks. This time we’re getting the same render (though the phone is in  [Read More…]

Here’s how to check if your phone is compatible with Android Wear

Many of you will soon be picking up new Android Wear devices like the G Watch, Gear Live or Moto 360, but there are a few things you’ll need to get out of the way first — like whether or not they’ll will work with your phone. Android Wear is compatible with with any Android phone running 4.3 or higher, so if you have a newer device you should be good to go. If you’re not  [Read More…]

The best phone cases for exercising

No matter how you exercise, you’ll want to protect your phone from the inevitable strain of being your workout companion

Whether you’re going for a run or just heading to the gym for some weight lifting, most of us nowadays are bringing along a phone for music, video entertainment or workout guidance to help us get through the fitness routine. The last thing you want to worry about when you’re out exercising is how  [Read More…]

This week’s sidebar poll: Amazon’s Fire Phone – a flop or not?

By now, you probably know that Amazon (yes, that Amazon) has a phone coming soon. If you don’t, here is everything you need to know about the Amazon Fire Phone. As expected, reactions are mixed. Will the features and access to Amazon’s content be enough to get folks to buy? Or will it sit on the shelf and collect dust while people reach for Galaxies and iPhones?

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The Amazon Fire Phone hands-on video!

You watched our liveblog. You’ve read our hands-on. You’ve pored over the specs. You’ve entered our giveaway. And now it’s time for the full-on Amazon Fire Phone video.

Have at it. Enjoy. And there’s lots more to come in the weeks ahead.

Pre-order the Amazon Fire Phone direct from Amazon, starting at $199

Of course Amazon — the king of online retailers — is where you can buy a new Amazon Fire Phone. They have a pre-order page up and ready for you so that you can have the Fire Phone in your hands the very day it’s released.

The pricing is as follows:

32GB — $ 199 with an individual or family plan contract or $ 649 if purchased outright 64GB — $ 299 with an individual or  [Read More…]

Amazon Fire Phone hands-on

To the surprise of few, Amazon finally unveiled its first smartphone — dubbed the Fire Phone — today at an event in Seattle. What was surprising, though, are the specifics that surround this latest Amazon Fire-branded device. The long-rumored 3D interface is a reality, but it’s done in an interesting way with specialized hardware and being implemented in tasteful portions, not just as a gimmicky feature.

It also sports a good number of user-friendly features that  [Read More…]