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Hailing a cab in London with your Android phone? About time!

Android Central

For anyone who ever lives in, or has ever visited London, you’ll know that hailing a cab can sometimes be tough. It’s never quite as easy as it looks on TV, and sometimes can be quite treacherous. Now though, a group of enterprising London cab drivers are ready to launch a new service which makes it as easy as two taps on your smartphone.

The service, known as “Hailo” goes  [Read More…]

Samsung’s SCH-W999 dual-screen phone destined for China Telecom


Samsung will be releasing the dual-screen SCH-W999 in China. This phone features a five megapixel rear-facing camera, Bluetooth 3.0 and a 3.5-inch 480 x 800 AMOLED display accompanied by three touch buttons. The inside packs a similar screen plus a physical keypad. The phone is powered by a MSM8660 chip and supports both GSM and CDMA2000 on China Telecom.

Unfortunately, all other  [Read More…]

Android 101: Change how quickly your phone locks

Android lock settings

Note: This example is from a phone with HTC Sense. Yours may vary.

So you want to use Android’s built-in security — either the pattern, pin or password lock. Good for you. We highly recommend it. But maybe you don’t want it to lock every time you hit the power button. (Can’t blame you there.)

Go to Settings>Security>Lock phone after and you’ll have options as for how much time you want  [Read More…]

Will my phone get Ice Cream Sandwich? Our predictions:

Android Central

The wait is over — Google has officially announced Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, and showed us a whole lot to like.  Of course, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is coming soon, and and many others will follow shortly thereafter with the latest and greatest that Android has to offer. But right now the big question is “When will my phone get the Ice Cream Sandwich update?”

With two-year contracts and $  [Read More…]

Sprint brings real-time captions to phone calls with CapTel

Sprint CapTel

Sprint’s offering up another interseting accessibility option on select Android phones with its new Wireless CapTel service. Powered by Raketu, CapTel is real-time captioning for phone calls. You still make a call like normal. You’re then connected to CapTel automatically and can listen to the call while reading the transcription in real time. Pretty cool, actually. Check out the video after the break.

Source: Sprint


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Galaxy Nexus – the first Ice Cream Sandwich phone coming to Verizon

This is the Galaxy Nexus. Officially, confirmed, and no more rumors. This is it. Announced at the delayed Ice Cream Sandwich announcement between Google and Samsung, the long-awaited device is finally official. And, boy, it looks like it just may be worth the wait.

The Galaxy Nexus is Google’s attempt to set a benchmark for what an Android phone should be. Built in collaboration  [Read More…]

Meet Capta, the Tripod Mount, Stand and Cable Management Hybrid for Your Android Phone

We just learned of a new Kickstarter project that we’d really love to see come to fruition.  The product is called Capta and it’s all-in-one design that combines a tripod mount, smartphone stand, and cable management device.  You’ll have to watch the video (below) to see how this works as words simply won’t explain how awesome it is.  The development team is looking to raise $ 16,850 by November  [Read More…]

Recording cell phone videos can get you in legal trouble, but here’s a loophole.

Believe it or not, recording video on your cellphone can land you in legal trouble in certain places. In various locales across the United States, laws have been or are being introduced that could make it a crime to record what happens in public.

Law enforcement agents are able to go after people recording in public using old anti-wiretap laws that make it illegal  [Read More…]

Epic Phone Time: T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II first impressions

What’s up, haters? Thinking about getting a new phone? Well maybe it’s time you took a look at the Samsung Galaxy S II for T-Mobile, the follow-up to last year’s Samsung Vibrant. And while it may be easy to surpass the old-news-Vibrant, that doesn’t mean it will be easy to take on the fresh meat from HTC. Can the Galaxy S II be the  [Read More…]

Marvel Comics Android app makes your phone or tablet a superhero [App Reviews]

Comic books have been a popular pastime for generations of young people. They have also continued to be a source of pleasure – and feverish criticism for plotline breaks and quality – well into adulthood. Marvel Comics, one of the most storied publishing houses in the genre, has brought its library to Android through an official app just released to the Android Market.

If  [Read More…]