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Qualcomm teases a mystery phone for CES, perhaps the LG G Flex 2?

CES 2015 is coming up fast, and Qualcomm wants you to know that you’ll be seeing new hardware with a Snapdragon 800-series processor inside. The close-up graphically-transparent (probably not actually like that in real life) phone in question has hints of an LG design, down to the metal-but-not-actually-metal finish back panel set around the signature back-mounted power and volume buttons. It’s not any LG phone we’ve seen so far, and for all we know if might  [Read More…]

Amazon releases sizeable update for its Fire phone


Amazon released a slew of updates to its Fire phone and it is for both the unlocked and AT&T models.  The AT&T Fire phone will upgrade to software version 3.6.5 and the unlocked GSM model moves to 3.6.8.  The Fire phone should update on its own when you are connected wirelessly.  But if some reason you aren’t wireless, you can upgrade the phone with a  [Read More…]

Fire Phone update focuses on camera, calling and messaging features

Amazon is rolling out a major update to its Fire Phone smartphone. The update is hitting both the AT&T model as well as the unlocked GSM edition. Amazon promises an improved camera experience, support for more keyboard languages, call blocking, custom ringtones, and improved battery life among the improvements featured in this update.

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Iowa to create digital driver’s license app for your phone

Iowa is leading the charge to become the first state in the nation to issue a digital ID. The state wants to create a smartphone-based driver’s license via an app that could be installed Android smartphones or the iPhone. The digital driver’s license would co-exist with a traditional plastic license issued today.

Hangouts Chrome app update brings proper desktop notifications, new phone tab

google hangouts

For those that like to use the Hangouts Chrome app will be happy to know that a nice update came to it today. Now it includes a phone tab to allow calling from the desktop. You can start an SMS thread directly from the app if you have Google Voice. And now it has proper desktop notifications.

It seems as though the Hangouts team  [Read More…]

Hangouts desktop app update brings new phone tab

The Hangouts desktop app for Chrome OS and Windows recently grabbed an update, and while the change log doesn’t list anything particularly groundbreaking, the app has seen the addition of a new phone tab and desktop notifications.

With a thickness of just 4.75mm, the Vivo X5 Max makes your phone look chunky

Step aside, Oppo R5. Vivo has just announced a super-thin smartphone that clocks in at just 4.75mm. The X5 Max is the latest handset to compete for the title of world’s thinnest smartphone, and judging images and details shared by the manufacturer, it’s clear to see just how thin the Max X5 is.

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This week’s sidebar poll: Did a large phone replace your small tablet?

Phones keep getting bigger and bigger. Some of us love the idea, some of us don’t, but it seems nothing will stop or slow down the race to be the biggest. Samsung got in early, with the genius idea that is the Galaxy Note. Whoever had that vision certainly deserves a huge raise, and office with a corner, and a company car. Now we see big phones from everyone — including Google and Apple.

We have  [Read More…]

Micromax unveils ‘Canvas Selfie’ phone featuring a 13MP front-facing shooter

Indian smartphone maker Micromax has unveiled a new phone called the “Canvas Selfie” at an event in India. In case the name didn’t tip you off, the phone is meant for the selfie aficionados out there, boasting a 13MP front-facing camera and selfie-focused software tweaks as its main features.

Weekly poll results: The importance of a good camera in your phone

Earlier in the week we asked everyone about camera quality, and how important having a good one in your phone is. With just about every high-end Android phone manufacturer claiming to have a “great” camera, it’s no surprise that most of us ranked it pretty high on the list of features we need.