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Lamborghini phone will cost you $6,000

The 88 Tauri has been announced by luxury brand Tonino Lamborghini at CES for those that have expensive taste. This is the company’s second Android device, and like the first it commands a premium pricetag. Expect to shell out $ 6,000 for this piece of kit.

Last chance to win a Nexus phone and tablet, FREE


That’s right! We’re giving away a free Nexus 6 phone and Nexus 9 tablet to one lucky AndroidGuys reader. Why, you may ask? How about why not?!

There’s no purchase necessary so stop sitting around and click here for a chance to win. Once you’ve submitted your entry, share the giveaway on your social media feeds for an increased chance at taking home the prizes. Submissions  [Read More…]

Hands on with Pinć VR – a virtual desktop on your phone

More and more we’re seeing companies figure out just how versatile our smartphones can be when it comes to delivering a VR experience, and here at CES there’s no shortage of people who want you to strap funny things to your face in the name of virtual reality.. With the right set of lenses and a lightweight container, virtual reality on our phones becomes nearly effortless to setup. While Google took the inexpensive  [Read More…]

Turning my Nexus into a Yahoo phone


The other day, I felt like trying something totally strange and different. As I happily use my Nexus 5 throughout the day, I have gotten to the point where I rely on Google more than I thought I did. After realizing this, it hit me how much my Android phone has really become a “Google  [Read More…]

Unlocked Amazon Fire phone now $189 dollars

Amazon Fire phone

You all know the sad story of the Amazon Fire phone, we all had high hopes but were sadly let down especially when Amazon tried to charge full flagship prices for its phones.  We’ve seen the price move up and down over the past couple of months, and today the price has dropped to its lowest ever at $ 189.00 dollars.  1-year of  [Read More…]

The World’s first Tor certified phone is a Boss


CES 2015 rolls on with some great news in the Android security space.  The duo of Briggs & Spriggs announced The Boss phone alongside an Indegogo campaign.  Why is this device so important?  The Boss is the first phone of its kind in the US market, and it is a beast.  The fully unlocked 7” UHD machine sports a 1900×1200 resolution, a Meditek octa-core processor,  [Read More…]

Camera, or phone? Panasonic’s Lumix CM1 aims to be both with little compromise

Well, it’s mostly a camera — but we’re okay with that.

Panasonic is known far more for its cameras than its mobile phones, but the new Lumix CM1 combines its imaging expertise with a full-on smartphone experience to create one unique device. On one side is a standard phone experience with a familiar KitKat interface running on a 4.7-inch 1080p display and powered by a Snapdragon 801 processor. On the other side, you  [Read More…]

Boss Phone is a 7-inch phone that puts security at a premium

The Boss Phone is a new, 7-inch phone that puts an emphasis on security from startup Briggs & Spriggs, Inc. The Boss Phone will launch their Indiegogo campaign tomorrow, January 6, and is part of the crowd funding site’s CES 2015 setup. The phone is built on Android 5.0 Lollipop, and Briggs & Spriggs says that the device is Tor-certified for secure communication.

[Read More…]

Now you can install Google Play on your Amazon Fire phone


Amazon made their debut in the smartphone market by introducing the Amazon Fire Phone. It is an Android powered smartphone featuring Amazon’s very own Fire OS. Although, it is Android but a user can only use the Amazon App store with the Fire Phone, which means no access to Google Play Store but thanks to someone over at XDA, Fire Phone users can now access  [Read More…]

Qualcomm teases a mystery phone for CES, perhaps the LG G Flex 2?

CES 2015 is coming up fast, and Qualcomm wants you to know that you’ll be seeing new hardware with a Snapdragon 800-series processor inside. The close-up graphically-transparent (probably not actually like that in real life) phone in question has hints of an LG design, down to the metal-but-not-actually-metal finish back panel set around the signature back-mounted power and volume buttons. It’s not any LG phone we’ve seen so far, and for all we know if might  [Read More…]