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British Phones4U launches JUMP contracts, lets you upgrade to a new phone every 6 months

British Phones4U launches JUMP contracts, lets you upgrade to a new phone every 6 months

Just as we thought the Brits couldn’t come up with any better deals, contracts or plans after that rocking Full Monty offer from T-Mobile  [Read More…]

Google Wallet team responds to hacks, “We are safe enough for mobile phone payments”


This week the Google Wallet team was surprised when two different vulnerabilities were discovered. One hack revealed a user’s PIN number on a rooted phone and the other allowed anyone to reset the PIN and gain access to funds on a Google Wallet prepaid card.

Google quickly responded to the first hack by saying users should not use Google Wallet on a rooted device, and late last night they also responded  [Read More…]

Google updates Chrome to Phone & Docs to improve appearance, fix bugs

Google updates Chrome to Phone & Docs to improve appearance, fix bugs

Google has updated two of its most useful but rarely mentioned applications. Both Google Docs and Chrome to Phone have been updated to address long-standing issues and improve the day-to-day  [Read More…]

App Updates: Chrome to Phone gets new look, bugfixes; Google Docs goes offline

Chrome to PhoneGoogle Docs

Google today has updated a couple of its apps — Chrome to Phone and Google Docs.

Chrome to Phone, which was rolled out alongside Android 2.2 Froyo in 2010, is a slick little service that lets you send links from your computer directly to your phone. No e-mailing, no … whatever — just click “Chrome to Phone,” and it zips from big screen  [Read More…]

Chrome to Phone, Google Docs updates

google docs

It’s days like these when we know Google has our back. They’re constantly working to make all their services better. Today, the Search Giant has released solid updates to two of their services – Google Docs and Chrome to Phone. These updates include some aesthetic improvements for both phones and tablets, as well as offline availability for your documents.

Chrome to Phone

[Read More…]

Mobile World Congress 2012, aka the quad-core phone show


Mobile World Congress is less than a month away in Barcelona and the anticipation is quickly building for the gadgets that will be announced. We expect to see all kinds of Android devices from tablets to TVs, but the star of the show will be smartphones. And at this year’s show a particular kind of smartphone will take center stage: the quad-core-powered-beast.

Why do you need quad-core performance in a phone?  [Read More…]

HTC’s thinnest Android phone captured on video


Want to catch a glimpse of HTC’s thinnest Android smartphone ahead of Mobile World Congress? A YouTube video just appeared online which reveals the HTC Ville, a device that is rumored to feature a metal unibody design under 8mm thick.

Additional details that have been leaked so far include Android 4.0, Sense 4.0, 4.3-inch qHD Super AMOLED display, 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor, 8 MP rear camera, VGA front camera, HSPA+, Bluetooh  [Read More…]

LG Spectrum review – Verizon gets another decent second-gen LTE phone

LG Spectrum Review

Our LG Spectrum review comes at an interesting time for both the smartphone manufacturer as well the carrier on which it resides, Verizon. On one hand you have LG, which has brought us some excellent high-end Android smartphones as well as a surprising low-ender in the Optimus line. And then you have Verizon, whose 4G LTE network is starting to mature at the ripe old age of 1 but at the  [Read More…]

‘Optimus 3D MAX’ branding rumored for next LG 3D phone

LG 3D phone

Earlier this week we saw reports that LG is preparing a successor to its Optimus 3D smartphone, to be unveiled at next month’s Mobile World Congress. The LG CX2, as it’s apparently codenamed, was to ship with a 1.2GHz CPU, 4.3-inch 3D WVGA NOVA display and dual 5MP cameras. Leaked renders also appeared, showing a device much thinner than the veritable brick that was the original Optimus 3D.

Today GSM Israel  [Read More…]

O2 UK network security blunder exposes customers’ phone numbers to websites

Phone number exposed via HTTP headers

Update: It seems O2 has now tweaked things to prevent its network from including phone numbers in HTTP headers. We’ll keep you updated with any further developments.

If you’re browsing the web on your phone or tablet on O2 UK, then the network could be exposing your phone number to every website you visit. O2 customer Lewis Peckover recently discovered that when you’re browsing over 3G on O2,  [Read More…]