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Best Solar Chargers for Your Android Phone

What’s the best solar charger for my phone? Wait, there are solar chargers for my phone?!

Our yellow Sun is what gives Superman his powers, so of course it can also keep your phone charged while you’re on the go! It’s almost weird, right? Using nature to keep technology working. What a beautiful melding of the old and the new! If you can’t find an outlet (because you’re camping or whatever) then grab a solar charger and  [Read More…]

Essential Phone now being discounted by Amazon

We’ve seen the Essential Phone go on sale a few times ever since Essential dropped the price of its flagship smartphone last year, and today another deal has appeared.

Amazon is now selling the Essential Phone at a discount. The sale price applies to the Black Moon and Pure White versions of the device, both of which are in stock and available for Prime shipping as of this post.


While this deal isn’t the cheapest price that we’ve  [Read More…]

Best cases to protect your Razer Phone

Razer is a company mostly known for its gaming hardware, so it was a little surprising when news that the company had acquired phone-maker Nextbit, broke out last year. Eleven months later, Razer pushed out the first fruits of this acquisition – the Razer Phone. Keeping true to its essence, Razer’s first smartphone is a […]

What to do if you’re locked out of your phone after resetting it

While it’s for our own good, Factory Reset Protection can trip you up when you reset your phone. These tips can help.

Google and the company that made your phone have some tools in place to help prevent phone theft and your privacy when it comes to resetting your phone. Factory reset protection is set up so that you’ll need to know your phone password or your Google account password before you can reset a device and  [Read More…]

Launcher 10 brings a dash of Windows Phone to Android

If you just can’t let go of Windows Phone, Launcher 10 for Android might be a good option.

The dream of a Windows-powered smartphone is effectively over, leaving some holdovers to make the decision to jump to either iOS or Android. I’m of the opinion that Android is by far the better option in this case, owing to the customizability of the OS for things like replacing the default smart assistant with Cortana, the default browser with  [Read More…]

What to do with a broken phone to keep your data safe

Can I protect the data on my broken phone?

We try to make sure everyone knows the things they can do to make sure they know how to keep their personal data safe on an Android phone. What you do with the information is up to you, which is how it should be because only you know how valuable you think your personal information is.

But not every answer is simple. A question I hear a lot:  [Read More…]

You realize how much you rely on your phone only when you have to shut it off

That little screen is your window to the world.

You hear it all the time: a smartphone is the best way to keep in touch with friends and family, know what’s happening in the world, and have a little fun now and then. But I found out that you can come to depend on it being the only way to do these things, and when you can’t have it you might feel lost.

I’ve had a round  [Read More…]

LG publishes patents for two foldable phone concepts

The slow march to a foldable smartphone future continues.

The mobile industry has been dreaming about folding smartphones for years at this point, but in 2018, we’re closer to this becoming a reality than ever before. New details recently emerged about Samsung’s “Galaxy X” foldable phone, and following this, new patents have been discovered for two folding phone concepts that LG has in the works.

Looking at LG’s first concept, the device is made out of  [Read More…]

How to install the OxygenOS Open Beta on your OnePlus phone

OxygenOS beta builds let you test-drive the latest features before they’re released to the public.

OnePlus has steadily added features to OxygenOS over the years, making it one of the best manufacturer skins around. The simplicity of OxygenOS combined with its extensibility allows both normal users and enthusiasts alike to the platform.

OnePlus rolls out a steady stream of updates to its devices, but if you’re looking to get an early look at the features that are  [Read More…]

Essential Phone giveaway! Enter now at Android Central!

We’ve put together a little contest that will give one of you the opportunity to win an Essential Phone, because who doesn’t like winning free phones? All the details are below, so get yourself entered now!

THE PRIZE: One Android Central reader will be taking home a new Essential Phone in black!

THE GIVEAWAY: Head down to the widget at the bottom of this page. There are multiple ways to enter, each with varying point values. Complete all  [Read More…]