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Push-to-talk: Remember when phones were walkie-talkies?

Gather round kids, and I’ll tell you a tale of a time before text messaging was so ubiquitous, a time where a phone call was so easy, it only took one button… and man, it could be annoying. Not the tech, the people.

I’m Michael Fisher, AKA MrMobile, and I relived the glory days of flip phones and push-to-talk (so you didn’t have to). Join me as I recollect what was great about this feature, what people did to  [Read More…]

Why do new phones ship with older versions of Android?

New phones shipping with outdated versions of Android isn’t too surprising. The reasons? Release cycles, and Benjamin Franklin.

This summer, you’ll see phones sold — expensive phones — that have older versions of Android. Brand new phones that cost hundreds of dollars and are the best models available. They will be on shelves beside other brand new phones that have “old” software on them, too. And not just models that have been available for a while, but  [Read More…]

These Android phones support wireless charging

It’s the feature you either have to have or don’t care about at all.

Updated February, 2017: Removed older phones that are EOL and added current phones that support wireless charging.

Wireless charging has been around for a few years now, but sadly it hasn’t become as widely adopted as we’d like. Our Micro-USB ports start to loosen and bend over time and being able to limit that wear and tear by using wireless charging would  [Read More…]

LG G6 hint suggests Pixels will be the only premium phones without waterproofing

You probably shouldn’t use water for that burn, Google.

The folks at LG are really going crazy with the daily hints leading up to the official announcement of the G6. In the past we’ve seen shadowed devices with blurbs, but this year we get brightly colored cards sent to each major tech blog willing to play this silly game with them.

The folks at PocketNow are the latest to get a card from LG, and while it  [Read More…]

Here are the Nokia phones to be unveiled at MWC 2017

A few days ago we told you that HMD, the global licensee for all upcoming Nokia smartphones and tablets, might be bringing to MWC 2017 a new Nokia N95 smartphone. We also expect the Finnish duo to unleash a pair of flagship handsets, but according to the latest rumors, it seems like we’re mostly going […]

Verizon’s trade-in program offers free flagship phones

Verizon Wireless on Monday started the week by announcing a limited-time promotional trade-in offer. Launching in conjunction with the new Verizon Unlimited plan, it gives customers a chance to score a free flagship phone from various handset makers. To qualify, customers must port their phone number in from another carrier and sign up for the introductory […]

LeEco’s Valentine’s day flash sale offers savings on phones, 4K TVs

What are you looking for a gift to give your significant other who is also a tech lover? With Valentine Day’s coming up, tech companies are trying to woe you over with a few exciting offers. Motorola has one and so do Samsung and Huawei. Now Chinese device maker, LeEco reveals its Valentine’s Day dedicated […]

Verizon now offers same-day screen repairs for select Samsung and Motorola phones

It usually takes a simple moment of inattention to drop your phone on the floor – the end result being a horribly cracked display. Well Verizon knows many of us have slippery hands, so it is looking to make it easier for us to get over this stressful situation with a new protection plan. Big […]

Dropped phones, cracked screens and the death of awareness

The worst sound in the world.

I am like a dog, ears pricked and attention diverted, desperately trying to spot the offending sound. It’s a violent combination of bombastic crash and subtle crack, a unique flavor of dread.

It’s the sound of a phone dropping from hand or pocket or table or anything — gravity doesn’t discern — to the cold hard ground. Occasionally, you get lucky and the phone lands on its back, and you see  [Read More…]

Samsung Pay Mini now official in South Korea, will be coming to all Android phones

Samsung rolls out an online payments service that works on all Android phones.

Samsung’s digital payments platform Samsung Pay is available on select Galaxy smartphones in 11 countries. In a bid to increase the reach of its services, Samsung has announced Samsung Pay Mini, an online payments solution that will be available on all Android phones. Samsung Pay Mini will be launching in South Korea later this quarter, and Samsung has said that the service will be  [Read More…]