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HTC offering various discounts on phones and accessories prior to Black Friday

It takes just a few clicks to start getting deals from HTC right now.

We’re still a couple weeks away from the real Black Friday deals (if they exist anymore), but HTC is offering up a few discounts early if you sign up for the “Team HTC” rewards program. The savings aren’t huge, but it only takes a second to sign up for Team HTC and you instantly save some money if you’re going to be buying one of  [Read More…]

Google’s Pixel phones are having issues with LTE band 4 connectivity

Google’s Pixel phone duo hasn’t been out long, but select users are already experiencing some troubles when using their devices. Some Pixel owners in North and South America are complaining about unexpected connectivity issues on the LTE band 4. The issue seems only to affect select regions and operators. For example, the folks at Android

Kenu’s ‘Stance’ creates a portable tripod for USB-C phones (review)

USB Type-C is really awesome stuff and it’s one of those technologies we wish would have been here sooner. Further, we hope that other device makers embrace the standard as soon as possible. Not only is it nice to have quicker charging, but there’s something just too convenient about not worrying about which direction you

Partial Screenshot mode from Google’s Pixel C headed to phones (sort of)

This sure would be handy.

Grabbing a screenshot and cropping it is no big deal, but how cool would it be to just screenshot what you needed on your phone and not bother with the editing? A little-known feature on Google’s Pixel C does exactly that, but you can only access it with the keyboard attached. Pressing Control+Search+Shift+S on the keyboard makes the screen go dark, and when you drag your finger across part of the  [Read More…]

Google considers an update for Nexus phones to add fingerprint gestures

Google is reportedly “considering” a firmware update for the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P. This will allow users to have a fingerprint gesture that users of the Pixel and Pixel XL currently enjoy. The gesture is a simple “swipe”. You swipe your finger down on the fingerprint scanner to access the notification shade on the

Take the State of the Mobile Nations Phones Survey for your chance to win $600 towards a new phone!

Silly season for new phones and gadgets is on us — it feels like we can’t go a week without a major release as the calendar races into the holidays. There are a bunch of new phones out there and we wanted to get an idea about what’s important to you in a phone and in a cellular carrier. Thus, this survey.

We get a little detailed, but that’s because we want to suss out what it  [Read More…]

70% of Galaxy Note7 owners will continue to buy Samsung phones, research firm says

This year will probably go down in history as the most challenging for Samsung. The Korean tech giant had to resort to drastic measures in order to ensure its customers were being kept safe. In an unprecedented move, the company stopped production of the Galaxy Note7 and proceeded to ask Note7 owners to return the

Twilight: filter your phone’s blue light for a better nights sleep

Developer: Urbandroid Team Price: Free w/$ 2.99 Pro unlock Category: Like to sleep better What you need to know No, this is not the tween 2010 vampire vs werewolves movies. This is the Twilight app. Do you use your phone at night? That was obviously rhetorical, of course, you do! If you are anything like me, your phone

Samsung’s hurried Note 7 recall may have led to the phone’s downfall

It’s nearly two weeks since Samsung discontinued the Galaxy Note 7, and the company is yet to determine why several units caught fire. However, according to The Wall Street Journal, the hasty recall process initiated by Samsung following reports of the first Note 7 units catching fire in late August may have exacerbated the issue.

Samsung conducted laboratory tests of faulty units and found “a protrusion in Note 7 batteries supplied by Samsung SDI,” whereas batteries from  [Read More…]

Geekbuying’s limited time deal has exclusive pricing on various Xiaomi phones

Are you in the hunt for a low-cost alternative to the big name smartphones? Have you ever considered Xiaomi? As a giant Chinese cell phone maker, Xiaomi may not be a name that you know yet. You will, though. Trust us. Look at the hardware that comprises the various Xioami smartphone models and compare them to the competition from