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PSA: Some of the more popular Android phones don’t yet work with Android Auto

Being the first with a new tech toy often means putting up with a few hiccups. That’s true, too, for Android Auto.

Some of Android’s more popular phones — as in some of 2014’s biggest models as well as new entries in 2015 — are not playing nicely with Android Auto. On one hand we’re not all that surprised. Android Auto is a relatively new feature, and being an early adopter often means putting up with a  [Read More…]

We’ve updated our ‘Best Android Phones’ list

A quick heads up, folks, that we’ve updated our listing of the best Android phone you can possibly buy right this very second with a couple new additions. (That’d be the Samsung Galaxy S6 and HTC One M9, if you couldn’t guess.)

If you’re looking for a quick glance at the best that’s available in the Android world, this is where you’ll want to start.

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The Best T-Mobile Prepaid Phones of 2015

We’re going to make your hunt for a prepaid phone on T-Mobile a whole lot easier.

T-Mobile’s prepaid service has made a comeback, and combined with some of their high-value plans, there are some fantastic options for those on a budget.

Tip: Clear your phone’s cache for more speed and storage

Something every Android owner should do that not everyone knows about is clearing your apps’ cache in your phone’s settings. An app’s cache is basically a temporary storage area for an application while it’s running. It can store things like temporary images downloaded from the internet. Clearing the cache can solve problems you may be experiencing with an app, or simply improve the speed and efficiency of it. Not to mention how much space you’ll be freeing on your  [Read More…]

Microsoft is making a ROM that allows Android smartphones to run Windows 10 for phones

Microsoft announced earlier today that it was collaborating with Xiaomi in providing Mi 4 customers with a flashable ROM that allows them to test Windows 10 for phones on their smartphones. It looks like that program is set for a wider rollout, according to a report on TechCrunch:

Google says to look out for more USB-C Chromebooks and Android phones

USB-C arrived in Google-land with the new Chromebook Pixel, but it’s not going to stop there. Google says the new all-in-one connector’s coming to more devices soon.

The reversible USB-C connector has made quite the splash this week, arriving in the new Apple MacBook and the just-updated Google Chromebook Pixel, but that’s just the beginning of the all-in-one port and cable that can handle power, accessories, and even 4K displays.

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LG announces its new mid-range phones ahead of MWC

Continuing its modus operandi of announcing ahead of time what it’s going to show off at Mobile World Congress, LG has unveiled the mid-range Magna, Spirit, Leon and Joy.

Android Lollipop coming to Lenovo phones next quarter

Technology giant Lenovo has decided to upgrade a bunch of their smartphones to the latest Android 5.0. They have announced that they will release the Lollipop update in the second quarter of 2015 and it will be available on 7 devices which are mentioned below.

Lenovo A5000 Lenovo A6000 Lenovo P70-A Lenovo S90-A VIBE X2 (Lenovo X2) Lenovo VIBE Z2 VIBE Z2 Pro (Lenovo K920)

Lenovo made it clear that the updates will be available to devices which are  [Read More…]

The best Cricket Phones of 2015

If you’re considering prepaid service on Cricket Wireless, there are some great phones to choose from.

You won’t be locked down to an old, outdated device, as Cricket has some great new phones like the ZTE Grand X Max+ in their arsenal. You can get a high-end device if you’re willing to pay for it, or if you’re on a budget, there are even some free devices up for grabs.

You may have  [Read More…]

The top phones you need to know, by manufacturer

How many different Android phones do you think are out there? Chances are whatever you guessed is low. We’re talking thousands of models from more manufacturers than we care to count. So we don’t blame if you if you’re new to the smartphone game and feel a little overwhelmed. It’s a big, big Android world out there.

But we’re going to make it a little easier on you. We’ve broken down the top Android smartphones you  [Read More…]