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Android “L” release to include multi-user support for phones


Multi-user profile support has been available on tablets for some time but is yet to appear on Android phones. However, a recent post on the Android issue tracker may suggest that it’ll appear in the Android L release. A post was created complaining about the lack of support for multiple users on phones and was… Read more »

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T-Mobile convinces 50,000 BlackBerry customers to upgrade their phones, though maybe not to a new BlackBerry

After T-Mobile had attempted to woo long-time BlackBerry subscribers away in an effort to convince them to upgrade to newer devices running on competing operating systems and a subsequent reworking of the upgrade incentive to appease BlackBerry, it looks like the un-carrier network has managed to convince 50,000 BlackBerry customers to upgrade, likely to a Samsung Galaxy phone.

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Three UK confirms it’s now selling SIM unlocked phones

Three UK has today confirmed something many of us have pretty much known for a while – it no longer sells SIM locked phones to its customers. Publicly Three has been pretty quiet on the matter, but many of us have bought branded phones and found it unlocked out of the box. Indeed, my own Three bought Samsung Galaxy S5 was just like this back in April.

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Updated Qi wireless charging means your phones won’t have to be directly touching the charger

The new Qi v1.2 specification will enable wireless charging through even greater spans than before. The current Qi standard is capable of blasting power wirelessly through up to 7mm of space, but the new standard amps that up to 45mm (1.77 inches). This will make it much easier to embed Qi chargers inside of things (like desks, tables, cars, blocks of cheese, etc).

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Android Central 195: Goodness, Gracious — Great Phones of Fire

Another week, another epic podcast — and special guest Russell Holly is back! The summer doldrums are officially over, as we go nearly 90 minutes on the new Amazon Fire Phone (it’s not as bad as you might think), the new NVIDIA Shield Tablet, Motorola leaks and more! Plus we answer even more of your questions live on air. Join us!

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Leaked Samsung Gear VR Manager software reveals dock to connect Galaxy phones

It appears that Samsung’s rumored Google Glass competitor, the Gear VR, would come with a companion software that resides on your Galaxy smartphone to allow you to connect and pair your phone to the head-worn connected glasses. The latest leaks show that Samsung is creating a software dubbed Gear VR Manager that would allow the Gear VR to pair and connect to your Samsung-made smartphone.

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Kyocera’s Sapphire Shield will let Android phones take on the iPhone 6 in durability

It’s no secret now that Apple’s iPhone 6 is rumored to come with a resilient and durable synthetic sapphire glass screen, though Apple may not be the only one to release a scratch- and shatter-resistant phone. Thanks to Kyocera‘s work on what is being branded as Sapphire Shield, various other Android OEMs may be able to source synthetic sapphire glass for their phone’s screen as well.

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DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket on Android phones, tablets requires no satellite dish

In a bold move supporting cord cutters, satellite provider DirecTV is allowing users to stream NFL Sunday Ticket games to their personal devices without requiring a satellite dish in the process. Streaming will work on compatible Android phones and tablets, iPhone and iPad, Macs and PCs, as well as Microsoft’s Xbox gaming console depending on the package you sign up for.

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Verizon confirms adding support for LTE phones to ALLSET prepaid plans July 17

Verizon Wireless has confirmed that its prepaid ALLSET plans will add support for 4G LTE smartphones starting on Thursday, July 17.

Cricket Wireless has special deals on Samsung, ZTE and Motorola phones

Cricket Wireless has announced special sales deals for many of their Android smartphones from Samsung, ZTE and Motorola as part of their new “back to school” promotion.