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Google Photos: Ultimate Guide

Save memories, store and catalog your photos, make edits, and more with Google Photos.

Google Photos is more than just an app for storing your photos. While on the surface it’s primarily for backing up photos, there are more ways to edit and share hidden inside. You also have some serious control over every aspect of the photos. This goes from which folders get backed up, to the image quality you upload your photos to, to seeing  [Read More…]

How to create collages, animations, and movies in Google Photos

Google Photos can do more than just store and edit your photos.

Google Photos is great app for storing, sharing, and even editing the photos that you take with your phone. It isn’t all business here though, and you can also use Google Photos’ Assistant feature to create new collages, animations, and movies. These features are fairly small, but they’re fun and easy to use.

How to create a new Collage

Collages are created by choosing between  [Read More…]

Google Photos gains video stabilization option in latest update

If you hate shaky videos as much as we do, then you’ll be glad to know that Google has added video stabilization to Google Photos through the app’s latest 2.13 update. The video stabilization feature can be accessed from the Albums page. Find a video and tap on it, then hit the pencil icon (edit) […]

How to manage existing albums, and create new albums with Google Photos

Google Photos puts control of your photos in your own hands.

Google Photos makes accessing and sharing your photos from one place easier than ever. That isn’t all it’s here to do here, it also works very hard to organize all of your photos into albums, and easily manage who can see which photos. These albums let you easily share important moments with friends, as well as keeping more private moments for your eyes only.

Create a  [Read More…]

How to edit photos in Google Photos

Editing your photos is a breeze with Google Photos.

Google Photos offers your one stop shop for all things related to your phone’s photos. You have storage for all of your new snapshots, an easy way to share, and plenty more. What you might not have realized is that there is a handy suite of editing tools built directly into the app. When you want to make sure those picnic photos look as awesome as possible before  [Read More…]

Galaxy S8 camera is amazing: Here are the first photos and video samples

What kind of photos and video does the Galaxy S8 capture?

The Galaxy S8 is arguably the most important Android phone of the year. Samsung’s most popular brand is the world’s most popular Android phone, and it goes without saying that what Samsung does, others follow.

That’s why we were surprised to learn that Samsung didn’t make a big deal of its flagship’s camera this time around, opting to maintain the status quo. It doesn’t hurt that  [Read More…]

Understanding ‘Assistant’ in Google Photos and what it can do for you

There’s lots to wrap your head around in Google Photos, but the new Assistant feature is here to help.

Whether you want to check up on the status of your photo backups, see the Creations that Google Photos has made for you, or be alerted of space to be freed up on your device, Assistant is the place to go. It’s just a tap, swipe, or click away from your photo library, and it’ll keep you in  [Read More…]

How to set up Google Photos

Never lose a photo again, once you’ve set up Google Photos.

Having access to all of your photos at a swipe is kind of like living the dream, at least for many photographers it is. If you’re snap-happy, then you owe it to yourself to make sure that you never lose another photo again with Google Photos. This service will back up, store, and organize your photos so that as soon as you capture that moment it’s  [Read More…]

Google Photos now uploads your pics over cellular, but don’t freak out

Google is now uploading your photos over 3G or LTE, but promises not to eat your data.

Google has announced that it is making low-quality previews of photos available to users right after they take them, so they can start sharing through Google Photos without having to wait for a Wi-Fi connection.

The company announced the update to Google Photos alongside a number of other bandwidth-saving measures aimed at reassuring its very important, and growing, Brazilian user base that  [Read More…]

Huawei P10 Plus gallery: First photos from Huawei’s best camera yet

The P10 Plus’s new Leica Summilux f/1.8 lens boosts low-light performance.

The Huawei P10 Plus brings a much-needed optic upgrade to Huawei’s Leica-branded camera setup. Like the regular P10 (and Mate 9), you’ve still got a dual-camera setup, combining 12- and 20-megapixel shooters, the former using an optically stabilized color sensor, and the latter being a monochrome sensor for added detail. But the big upgrade for the “Plus” is a new f/1.8 lens, allowing in more light  [Read More…]