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How to use the archive feature in Google Photos

Archive pictures on Google Photos to keep your main screen free from clutter.

Google has been steadily adding features to Google Photos, and a recent addition is the ability to archive images from your main stream. The feature comes in handy if you’re looking to get your pictures more organized within Photos, or if you want to move a few images off the main view.

You can manually archive photos, and Google will also notify you  [Read More…]

Google introduces new desktop app to back up all your photos

Never lose a photo again with this new desktop app from Google.

Google Photos is one of the best online services any company has built. You can save any and every photo or video from your phone to Google’s online servers and access them from anywhere else with an internet connection. It’s a perfect way for keeping those pics somewhere they won’t be lost or deleted. Today, it just got easier for people with a Windows PC or Mac.

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How to share your photo library in Google Photos

Google Photos has a major new feature, and it makes it easier to share your whole library with someone you trust.

Google Photos is already one of the best places to upload, archive and share photos, videos and albums. But recently, at Google I/O 2017, the company announced a new feature that would allow people to share their library with someone close to them, such as a parent, partner, child or best friend.

Obvious with sharing an  [Read More…]

Google Photos gains new Suggested Sharing, Shared Libraries features

Google announced a few new updates for Google Photos during its I/O 2017 back in May, but so far the features haven’t been available for the public. This changes this week as Google has started rolling out the new feats for both Android and iOS users across the globe. Now when you open the app […]

Google Photos’ improved (and potentially creepy) sharing features are here

Google Photos just made sharing much easier and potentially more intrusive.

Google launched its photos platform at I/O two years ago, but at its recent developer conference in Mountain View it gave an overview of some new features that would be coming over the summer.

Well, the first round of those updates is here, including proactive suggested sharing and, perhaps more interestingly, automatic photo sharing on an opt-in basis.

As  [Read More…]

How to take better photos with the Huawei Mate 9

Are you Mate 9 photos not looking so good? Try these tips.

The Huawei Mate 9’s dual rear-facing cameras are a ton of fun to shoot with, made even better by their bundled in camera modes and extra features. But maybe you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by it all and you’re not sure where to start — that’s okay. Here’s are some quick tips for putting the Mate 9’s cameras to proper use.

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How to take the best Cardboard Camera photos

Flawless Cardboard Camera photos are not complicated, and so much fun to share.

Grabbing a good panorama of that perfect sunrise is often quite rewarding, but if you’re a fan of VR photos you can one-up your game with Cardboard Camera. Instead of a 2D panorama, you’re capturing a full 360-degree panorama with depth. This means the viewer gets to really feel like they are a part of the photo, as long as the photo you captured  [Read More…]

Reviewing our first OnePlus 5 photos — primary, telephoto, and Portrait Mode

Camera performance remains one of the most important features of a modern smartphone.

OnePlus is understandably making a big deal of the camera capabilities of the new OnePlus 5. Moving to a dual-camera setup is a big move that gives the OnePlus 5 new shooting options — but at the same time, it means walking a delicate line of keeping the main camera up to speed with the competition.

Here is my first week’s worth of photos  [Read More…]

Using Cardboard Camera to capture and enjoy VR photos for Daydream

Cardboard Camera brings your photos to life when you view them with Daydream!

Cardboard Camera lets you take a panorama photo of the world around you, and then renders it into a format that can be viewed in VR. This means that you can strap on your Daydream View, and relive those awesome moments, complete with audio and depth.

Here’s how to get the best photos with this app!

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Google Assistant in Google Photos now suggests images you might want to archive

Google Photos just received a handy, new update. Smartphones have made it easier for us to snap photographs of anything interesting we might come across, but at the end of the day, you don’t want to keep every single shot in your image gallery, right? That’s why Google Photos with the help of the Google […]