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Get a physical edition of Wargroove for the PlayStation 4

At some point soon, you’ll be able to grab a physical version of Wargroove for the PlayStation 4.

What you need to know Chucklefish have announced a physical version of Wargroove coming sometime in the future. Titled Wargroove Deluxe Edition, this special version of the game includes lots of physical bonuses. There’s no release date at this exact time and the game will be $ 40 on Nintendo Switch

Chucklefish, the developers of  [Read More…]

Netflix wants to use your physical activity data to improve video quality

Netflix hasn’t revealed exactly how a user’s physical activity data will help it improve video playback quality, but it’s trying anyway.

What you need to know Netflix is currently running a test that aims to improve video playback quality when someone is on the go. To track a member’s physical activity, the Netflix app on Android is requesting access to physical activity data from some users. The company says it has no plan to roll out the  [Read More…]

The original Psychonauts is getting a physical release on PlayStation 4

Limited Run Games is giving Psychonauts the physical editions that it deserves.

What you need to know Limited Run Games is publishing a physical release of Psychonauts for PS4. Pre-orders go on sale June 7, 2019. Pre-orders will be open for three weeks.

Limited Run Games, living up to its name, is giving the original Psychonauts a physical release for a limited time on PlayStation 4. If you’ve yet to play Double Fine’s classic adventure, now looks  [Read More…]

Donut County gets a limited physical PS4 release and vinyl soundtrack

Have a garbage day with the cool new Donut County vinyl soundtrack and limited PS4 physical release.

Donut County, the game that’s best described as a “reverse Katamari,” has just announced that it’s getting a physical disc release on PlayStation 4. There will also be a vinyl of the game’s amazing soundtrack, and both of them are available for pre-order on the iam8bit store.

If you’ve never heard of Donut County before, then you’re in for a  [Read More…]

The LG Watch W7 is a $449 Wear OS smartwatch with physical watch hands

More than just another Wear OS smartwatch.

Alongside the announcement of the new LG V40, LG took the wraps off of its latest smartwatch, the LG Watch W7. This is the first new wearable from the company since the Watch Sport and Watch Style launched in partnership with Google back at the start of 2017. LG is hoping to ride the momentum of launching at the same time as Google’s rollout of a new Wear OS interface,  [Read More…]

Should you buy physical or digital PlayStation 4 games?

Can’t decide on physical or digital? Let us help!

Digital or physical? It’s an age-old question that only started being asked just recently. Once all of our consoles were constantly connected to the internet, we entered a world where it was no longer necessary to trudge out to your local game store to acquire the newest game. You can now sit in the comfort of your own home and the games come to you. If you have  [Read More…]

The most physical PlayStation VR games

So you’re looking for a work out in virtual reality.

If games like Dance Dance Revolution and Just Dance have taught us anything it’s that putting a little pep in your step always leads to a good time. Here we’ve found the best titles for your PlayStation VR (PSVR) system for you to break a sweat in. So if you’re looking for a good in home work out while also having an awesome time in VR, you’ve  [Read More…]

BlackBerry will make another Android phone with a physical keyboard

BlackBerry has one last keyboard phone for us.

John Chen likes to tease. He’s been doing it ever since he took over the CEO role at BlackBerry from Thorsten Heins in 2013, and even now, after the company has rededicated itself to software, he is still talking about that elusive dream phone for keyboard addicts.

“We have one keyboard phone I promised people,” Chen told Emily Chang of Bloomberg TV. “It’s coming.” While the company stated earlier this year  [Read More…]

It’s time for Samsung to let go of the physical Home button

The Galaxy S6 was my first Samsung smartphone. I meant to join the Galaxy club around the time of the S2, but HTC had my attention more. I was expecting the S3 to be my entry, but while the world embraced its debut with open arms, I was taken aback. Nothing was inspiring about the

Xiaomi CEO shows off Mi Band 2 with LCD display, physical buttons

It looks like Xiaomi’s getting ready to unveil the Mi Band 2. CEO Lei Jun teased the wearable at a conference in China, revealing an LCD display and physical buttons.

From MyDrivers:

The display on the Mi Band 2 will likely cycle through daily steps taken, BPM, and the time, with the physical button allowing users to toggle through different modes. The image shows that the Mi Band 2 will utilize a rubber strap that’s similar  [Read More…]