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Fluance Fi70 Bluetooth sound system review: A gorgeous conversation piece

It’s big, it’s beautiful, and it sounds like heaven.

I don’t like to gush in reviews; it comes off a bit tacky, and this is supposed to be an objective look at a piece of technology, but heed this warning: I’m going to gush (#phrasing). Like the lovechild of a vegan and a CrossFit enthusiast, I’m telling everyone about this thing and no one has asked. The Fluance Fi70 is an all-in-one sound system  [Read More…]

This $35 Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar reveals a new piece every day

This is what you get when you combine the three most powerful forces in the universe: Lego, Star Wars, and Christmas. The Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar set is in-stock for $ 34.76 at Amazon. This kit released for $ 40 on September 1, and these tend to sell out as Christmas Time approaches since the mix of Star Wars and reindeer makes it the perfect holiday toy. So you should probably get it now before you’re hunting it down  [Read More…]

Top 10 New Android Games This Week: Cavefall, Piece Out

Welcome back to Android Gaming Weekly, our weekly recap of new game releases. We still plan to cover upcoming releases and games we’re playing, but this column is dedicated to new games that you can start playing right now. Check out our top picks and let us know in the comments section if you have any suggestions for next week’s post.

Snipers vs. Thieves

Description: Snipers vs Thieves is a REAL-TIME multiplayer heist game! Protect your stash as a deadly Sniper or  [Read More…]

Samsung’s Two Piece case is actually kind of perfect

I’m not sure I’d call this a case, but I love it and want one for every phone.

A common thread alongside the unveil of the Galaxy S8 was a critical side-eye at the Two Piece case that would be sold for both sizes of the phone. Samsung didn’t spend a lot of time explaining how this case worked, only that it had a top and a bottom that didn’t connect and several color options that didn’t  [Read More…]

TAG Heuer CEO hints at new high-end Android Wear piece for 2017

TAG Heuer CEO says the company will release a new smartwatch in May.

If the smartwatch is supposedly a dying product, someone forgot to tell TAG Heuer CEO Jean-Claude Biver. In an interview with Swiss paper Neue Zürcher Zeitung (brought to our attention from TechCrunch), Biver shares his positive outlook on the future for smartwatches and says the Swiss timepiece manufacturer plans to release a follow up to the $ 1,500 TAG Connected, announcing they hope to release the  [Read More…]

Is this big piece of glass part of the Galaxy S8?

The Galaxy S8 is coming, and this might be the front end of it.

We have no way of knowing what this big piece of glass is. @DforDesign tells us it’s part of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and mentions that it’s rounded at the top and bottom as well as the sides.

W tym lepiej widać zagięcie. Lekkie zaokrąglenie jest też na gorze i u dolu #GalaxyS8 pic.twitter.com/KXKfn6t9GO

— DforDesign (@dfordesign) January 18, 2017

  [Read More…]

Fitbit’s new Sleep Schedule feature addresses the other piece of fitness success

Fitbit trackers have always been about simplicity, from the simple LED dots that slowly fill over the course of a long day, to the automatic exercise and sleep tracking that have replaced the need to tap and set things manually.

Today, Fitbit has added another simple feature to a number of its fitness trackers it hopes will spur even more people to take notice of its growing line of products. Aimed at improving the quality of its  [Read More…]

Levi’s Commuter Jacket is the first piece of clothing to use Google’s Project Jacquard

Google has announced the first Project Jacquard item to come to life which is made in collaboration with Levi’s. The Levi’s Commuter Jacket will let bikers navigate their smartphones by simply using their sleeve as a touch sensor. It works by attaching a sensor to the jacket which will allow the smartphone app to communicate with the phone.

The sensor is flexible, allowing it to connect to any size jacket and  [Read More…]

T-Mobile announces March 18 event in New York; calls it ‘a real piece of work’

T-Mobile has sent out an invite tonight for a March 18 event in New York City that it promises will be “a real piece of work.”

Google Now can now take place of another piece of your memory – where you parked your car

Google Now just keeps getting smarter, and its latest trick is remembering where you parked your car. With the latest update to the Google Search app — that’s what powers Google Now — the intelligent assistant will keep track of your movements and figure out when you’ve driven and then parked your car, reminding you later on so you don’t have to keep track yourself.

While this will probably help you more in an expansive parking  [Read More…]