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Piggy Wiggy is just another physics puzzler (review)

There have been a lot of physics-type mobile games that have gone on to huge success in the market. From Angry Birds, to Cut The Rope, to Chalk Ball…these are houlehold names these days. The best-known ones provide a unique twist, mechanic, or other feature that the masses gravitated to, and millions of downloads later […]

War Piggy: Jetpack Pig Warrior (game review)


Jetpack Pig Warrior is simple game that puts the player in the position of a highly skilled pig operative that flies around the screen in the direction of the player’s command. The enemies in the game, General von Rat’s minions, will drop in from the sky above or from the right side of the screen to attack the player. Rack up as much points as you can from defeating these enemies, and try to stay alive as long as possible.

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