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I hate big phones, but I really wish I went XL with the Pixel 4

I like everything about my Pumpkin Spice Pixel 4 except for its crappy battery life. I should have gone extra-large.

It seems like everyone (well, almost everyone) hates the Pixel 4. That’s OK and hating things you never planned to buy is the secret fuel that powers the tech side of the internet. I’m not one of those people and think the Pixel 4 was a great upgrade from the 3 in almost every way. It’s just  [Read More…]

Call Screen on Pixel phones can now record call audio

Rolling out to Pixel 4 users now.

What you need to know Automatic Call Screen is now rolling out to Pixel 4 users. Call Screen is also gaining a new feature to record call audio. The new automatic Call Screen feature should come to older Pixel phones running Android 10 in the coming weeks.

One of the biggest highlights of the first Pixel feature drop on December 9, was the update to Call Screen. With the update,  [Read More…]

This Moment lens gives Pixel 4 the ultra-wide lens we’ve been begging for

The Pixel 4 is easily one of the best phones around when it comes to photography, with phenomenal dynamic range and the ability to pull off miraculous low light shots using its Night Sight and Astrophotography shooting modes. There’s just one problem: where’s the ultra-wide lens?

During the Pixel 4 launch event in New York a few months back, Google engineer Marc Levoy boldly made the claim that telephoto is more important than ultra-wide — something that baffled  [Read More…]

All Pixel phones running Android 10 will get automatic screen calling

“Over the coming weeks.”

What you need to know On December 9, Google introduced new features for the Pixel smartphones, including automatic screen calling exclusively for the Pixel 4. Later, Google revealed to Business Insider that automatic screen calling would be coming to previous Pixel smartphones running Android 10 “over the coming weeks.” Like the original Call Screen feature, automatic screen calling is expected to be exclusive to the U.S.

On December 9, Google had a Pixel  [Read More…]

Google’s Pixel 4 and 4 XL start receiving the December security update

Not widely available just yet.

What you need to know The Google Pixel 4 and 4 XL have finally started receiving the December security update. Along with the December security patch, it brings face unlock improvements as well. Even though it isn’t a major update, it could still take a few days for the update to become available for everyone.

Google had started rolling out the December security update for all its Pixel phones last week, except  [Read More…]

Google blesses Pixel phones with awesome new features

One of the best reasons to own a Google-branded phone is that it’s quick to receive timely software updates. That was the case with the Nexus line and it’s the same with the Pixel line.

Whereas major Android OS updates were critical in the first few generations of phones, the focus has shifted more to focus on security patches and bug fixes. Starting today, Google is introducing a new monthly “Feature Drop’ for its Pixel phones.

In a post on  [Read More…]

Google Pixel 3a XL: A review at six months

Google has never had a problem making premium phones. Since the release of the Nexus lineup, we’ve seen the company partner with handset makers to deliver high-quality phones and tablets, some of which were hundreds of dollars less than the competition.

These options were all the more enticing since they came with pure Android, fast updates, and years of support from both Google and a community of developers through custom ROMs and tweaks.

The search giant decided to take a  [Read More…]

Motorola One Action or Pixel 3a? We think one of these is the clear winner

Mid-range champ Google Pixel 3a

$ 399 at Amazon

Pros Unbeatable camera Solid OLED display Polycarbonate body feels sturdy Clean user interface First-in-line for software updates Cons Only 64GB of non-expandable storage

The Pixel 3a will go down in history as one of the most impressive mid-range Android phones of 2019. Google’s ability to offer a flagship-grade camera in such an affordable package is the main draw to the 3a, and when you add that together  [Read More…]

Two months of delayed security updates for the Pixel 4 — what gives?

First the November patch, and now this.

What you need to know The December 2019 security patch began rolling out on December 2. It made its way to all Pixel devices, except the Pixel 4, which is getting it next week. Last month’s November update was delayed for many, and has still yet to arrive on some handsets.

One of the main reasons to buy a Pixel phone is that it’s the first to receive software updates  [Read More…]

Pixel 4 won’t be left out of the December security update after all

We’re almost there.

What you need to know Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL will get the December update next week. Fixes for bugs in Spotify and third-party camera apps will be included. The Pixel 4 had been absent from the original update bulletin.

Google Pixel 4 owners will see a software and security update rolling out in the next week, according to an addendum to Google’s Pixel Security Update page. The software and security update  [Read More…]