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T-Mobile will probably offer the Google Pixel soon

When Google announced the Pixel and Pixel XL a few months ago, the search giant said Verizon will be exclusively offering the two phones under its banner. Well, it appears that people who prefer buying phones via a carrier contract will be have one more option to choose from while the Pixels are concerned. T-Mobile

Google aims to solve Pixel retail support conundrum with uBreakiFix repair partnership

Same-day repairs for your Pixel will soon be available.

In an attempt to fix its inherent shortcoming of not having a physical retail presence for in-person phone repairs and support, Google has struck a deal with popular electronics repair chain uBreakiFix to be the exclusive repair company for the new Pixel and Pixel XL. Pixel owners will be able to take their broken phone into any of uBreakiFix’s 250 retail locations across the U.S. and Canada, or mail the  [Read More…]

Wednesday’s best tech deals and discount codes: Samsung Fast Qi charger, Honor 8, Pixel cases

Happy Wednesday! I’ve finally found time to hook up the two extra Amazon Echo Dots I preordered a month ago as well as the Philips Hue lighting system. I grabbed the combo on sale for $ 99, but that sale has passed now. Smart lights paired with the Dot are pretty cool, but more importantly they

Google rolling out soft update to fix Pixel camera flaring problems soon

Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL are the new kids on the block and customers are very excited to finally get their hands on the phones. But even if the devices haven’t been around for long, some users are already signaling an issue with the phones. A number of Pixel owners have taken to Reddit and

How to use the blue light-killing Night Light on the Google Pixel

How do I use the Night Light feature on the Google Pixel?

Like many phones this year, Google’s Pixel offers a feature called Night Light that tints the screen a reddish-yellow to reduce the amount of sleep-affecting blue light being given off by the phone’s AMOLED display.

While it’s not likely going to save you a sleepless night if you’re prone to bouts of insomnia, blue light filters have been shown to cut down on the  [Read More…]

Daily Briefing: The Pixel is too popular for its own good

Tuesday, October 25 feels like a Thursday. You know?

Xiaomi is an interesting company. The same day that it announces a phone that looks almost identical to the Galaxy Note 7, it follows up with another that looks like nothing else out there. The Mi Note 2 could stand in for any Samsung or Huawei phone from the past year, but Xiaomi says that the future is all-screen, no bezel, and that includes pioneering a number  [Read More…]

I used a Pixel XL for 4 days and all I want is a Note 7

In many ways, Google Pixel is the best phone I’ve ever used. However…

Google Pixel is priced at a point where people expect a premium experience — and in many ways, Google has delivered. The aluminum body looks and feels nice, the software is incredibly smooth and capable, the camera is out of this world excellent almost every time, and the battery life is on the higher end of functional. This is a great phone, and  [Read More…]

Best Car Chargers for Google Pixel

Looking to keep your Pixel charged on the road? Here are our favorite car chargers!

We’ve all been there (some of us more than others): You hop in the car for a road trip or are on your way to work, you look at your phone, aaaand you’re at 33% — with the WHOLE day to go!

You need a car charger for your Google Pixel so that you never miss a message or a call.  [Read More…]

How to take a screenshot on the Google Pixel

How do I take a screenshot on the Google Pixel?

The Google Pixel runs Android 7.1, which is pretty special. There are a whole bunch of new features, and there are rounded icons — for better or worse. If you’re using the new phone, you’re likely going to want to show off some of its awesome looks in the form of screenshots.

It’s easy to take a screen on the google Pixel. Here’s how.

How  [Read More…]

Google and uBreakiFix partner up to offer same-day Pixel repairs in US and Canada

Google’s brand new Pixel and Pixel XL duo has just started shipping out to customers, while also becoming available for purchase in brick and mortar locations as well. As hours pass, more and more units are being sold, so Google has set up a new partnership created to provide protection for these precious new devices