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Google offers a $150 refund to LTE Chromebook Pixel owners stung by Verizon

Google is trying to make things right with the owners of Chromebook Pixels on Verizon that are seeing their included data come to an unexpected end. When the LTE Chromebook Pixel launched on Verizon a year ago, it came with 100MB a month of free 4G data for two years. Verizon has apparently decided that deal no longer needs to stand, so they’re ending it. Knowing that the handful of people that bought an LTE Pixel  [Read More…]

Chromebook Pixel users at odds with Verizon and Google over free LTE data

It was really cool when Verizon and Google offered 100MB of free LTE data monthly to users of a Chromebook Pixel. On the Google Play page, Google told anyone who bought one that this deal would last for two years, and even though 100MB a month isn’t a lot, it makes it handy to check mail or messages when you can’t get to proper Wifi. The problem is, that the folks who bought a Pixel under  [Read More…]

I was shafted by Verizon with my Chromebook Pixel, too


If you follow the tech space closely, chances are good you might have heard about the data problem that some Chromebook Pixel owners have run into. If not, here’s a quick and dirty rundown of what’s happening:

LTE versions of the Chromebook Pixels are supposed to come with two years of 4G LTE through Verizon. Users are/were allotted 100MB of data to use each month. Should  [Read More…]