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Enter now to win a brand new Google Pixel XL (Giveaway)

Happy Friday! I’m sure you’ve heard of the ultra popular Google Pixel XL Android smartphone that is getting rave reviews. If not, you’re missing out on one of the best phones of 2016. The Pixel XL was recently released and is so popular that Google can’t even keep it on shelves for ordering. It runs

How to fix Google Pixel battery life problems

How do I extend battery life on my Google Pixel?

Google’s Pixel XL offers impressive battery life for a phone of its size, but determined users can definitely drain it over the course of a hectic day. The smaller 5-inch Pixel with its 2770 mAh battery doesn’t always offer the same longevity, offering less wiggle room if you have heavier-than-usual use or forget to charge overnight.

Though both should be able to make it through an  [Read More…]

Check out these 10 awesome cases and screen protectors for the Google Pixel and Pixel XL

The Google Pixel and Pixel XL are here! If you preordered from Google or walked into a Verizon store, you probably have your phone already! If you’re planning on picking up one of the new phones, you’ll need to keep it protected. With the higher price this year, it’s even more important that you make

Best Ultra Thin Cases for Google Pixel

What are the best ultra-thin cases for the Google Pixel?

The Google Pixel is a brand new, sleek and stylish phone, so having a big bulky case on it might not be the most ideal thing for those who want to keep the minimalist beauty of the device while still showing it off (and keeping it protected!)

There are plenty of cases to pick from when it come to customizing your Pixel, but with so many  [Read More…]

Android security chief: There’s no doubt Google Pixel is as secure as the iPhone

We’ve been saying it for years, but Android’s director of security, Adrian Ludwig, put it on the record.

At the O’Reilly Security Conference in New York City, Ludwig told Motherboard that there’s no doubt that the Google Pixel and the iPhone are on par when it comes to security. “For almost all threat models…they are nearly identical in terms of their platform-level capabilities.”

He added, “In the long term, the open ecosystem of Android is going to  [Read More…]

The Pixel XL is a near-perfect travel companion

I took Google’s new phone away for a couple of weeks. Here’s what I found out.

Using a new gadget while going about your everyday life will give you a pretty good idea of how well it works. That’s how we review phones most of the time. But nothing tests a device like travel — when you really want to push a smartphone to its limits, take it on the road. (Or more accurately, to the  [Read More…]

Google Pixel XL versus Galaxy S7 edge: Two of the best

Google’s trying to hit Samsung right where it makes its money at the high-end.

The Galaxy S7 edge is over seven months old now, but that doesn’t mean it has wavered in importance or dropped off the radar of people looking for a high-end phone today. Particularly after the demise of the Galaxy Note 7, where the GS7 edge had to step back in as the top-of-the-line phone from Samsung. But of course Google is also  [Read More…]

T-Mobile now offers 50% Pixel refunds to Simple Choice Unlimited users

Recently T-Mobile made a pretty interesting offer to Google Pixel users. While the carrier isn’t actually selling the phones per-se, T-Mobile invited Pixel owners (only 32GB version) to jump onboard with its One plan and receive $ 325 credit in return. That’s half the value of a Pixel. Granted, the $ 325 is to be awarded in

How to free up extra storage on the Google Pixel

How do I free up storage on the Google Pixel?

The Google Pixel doesn’t come with expandable storage, so you’ll want to make sure there’s lots of free space for your apps, games and other content. Luckily, Google makes it easy to free storage with these built-in tools.

We’re outlining two of those tools in this guide, one built into the phone’s storage settings, and one built into Google Photos itself.

How to free up  [Read More…]

Best Heavy Duty Cases for Google Pixel

What are the best rugged cases for the Google Pixel?

The Google Pixel is quite possibly the best phone of 2016. It’s a beautifully designed phone (and rather expensive to boot). If you’ve got one, you’ll want to make sure you keep it protected.

And therein lies the problem with any new phone — should you forgo a case and risk scratches and scuffs or keep it looking brand new with a rugged case? If you  [Read More…]