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Verizon clarifies stance on Pixel updates, claims simultaneous OTA rollouts

A change of course, and a reason to still be hesitant.

Understanding how Verizon planned to handle the launch of Google’s new Pixel and Pixel XL, we laid down a stance that you should strongly consider buying your Pixel elsewhere — even if you planned to use it on Verizon. Since then, Verizon has clarified the situation, offering a statement to Android Central that makes things a bit less dire: it now claims that software updates will launch for  [Read More…]

Google Pixel: Everything you need to know

Google’s new Pixel phones have arrived — this is what you need to know.

We’ve seen the announcement, we know some of the main details — now it’s time to learn all we can about the new Google Pixel and Pixel XL. These latest phones are the first made entirely under Google’s control, following in the footsteps of the two Chromebook Pixels and the Pixel C tablet.

That makes these phones interesting from a hardware perspective,  [Read More…]

Which storage size should you buy for your Google Pixel: 32GB or 128GB?

Deciding whether to get a 32GB or 128GB Pixel comes down to two things: budget and usage habits.

One of the biggest decisions to make when ordering your new Pixel or Pixel XL is how much internal storage you want, and your options are 32GB and 128GB. Neither the Pixel or the Pixel XL support microSD expandable memory, so you’re locked into whichever size you decide on.

There are a number of factors to consider before  [Read More…]

Essential Accessories For Google Pixel + Pixel XL

Perfect partners for your Pixel.

So you’ve just dropped a sizeable chunk of cash on a shiny new Pixel or Pixel XL, and it’ll soon be heading your way. But what about accessories for your shiny new Google phone?

Google has a wide range of first-party accessories for its first own-branded handset, and we’ve also rounded up some top essentials from elsewhere. Take a look!

Daydream View Google Live Cases Anker PowerLine USB-C cable Google  [Read More…]

Best Clear Cases for Google Pixel

What is the best clear case for the Google Pixel? There are a bunch, so let’s take a look at some of them!

Want to show off your new Google Pixel but worried about it getting scratched up during daily use? A clear case is a great way to be able to let everyone see your shiny new phone, but most of the time they won’t add a ton of protection to the phone. Some of  [Read More…]

Should you upgrade to the Pixel XL from the Nexus 6P?

How does the new Pixel XL compare to its predecessor from 2015?

The Nexus 6P is likely to be the last phone ever made with the Nexus brand, and the new Pixel XL is here to carry on as the successor. But the 6P was (and even a year on still is) a great phone, and it left big shoes to fill. The Pixel XL builds on a lot of what the Nexus 6P had, and  [Read More…]

Pixelify your Android smartphone with the official wallpapers, Pixel icon pack and custom search bar

Are you as excited as we are about Google’s new Pixel smartphones? The reaction is mixed with some fans miffed at the high price of the newest Google devices, with others who simply can’t wait to get their hands on the latest and greatest. If you don’t want to drop $ 650 on the Pixel but want

Should you upgrade to the Google Pixel from the Nexus 5X?

There’s a ton of hype surrounding Google’s new Pixel, but should you upgrade from last year’s Nexus 5X?

If you picked up the Nexus 5X last year, you were likely swayed by one reason or another — appreciation for a smaller size screen versus the Nexus 6P, or simply nostalgia for its Nexus 5 predecessor. You might also enjoy the soft-touch plastic backing which helps you maintain your grip. However, if your experience actually using the  [Read More…]

The Google Pixel is IP53 certified — here’s what that means

Phones don’t make good dive buddies. But it’s important to know what those certification numbers mean.

One spec you won’t find on the sheet for the new Google Pixel and Pixel XL is their IP53 certification. Google has confirmed that like the HTC 10 that they resemble, both Pixel phones are indeed tested and rated with an ingress protection score. Let’s have a look at what that really means.

Your new Pixel won’t be waterproof. Not  [Read More…]

Should you get Device Protection insurance for your Pixel?

Should you buy Pixel Protect with your new Google phone? For an extra $ 100, you’re paying for peace of mind.

You might not think you need that device protection add-on for your shiny new device, but with Google’s new Pixel smartphones, you might consider springing for it in the case of an emergency.

Google’s new device insurance program is simply called Device Protection for your Pixel. For a flat fee or $ 99 ($  [Read More…]