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Download every wallpaper from the ‘made by Google’ Pixel website

Keep the Pixel hype going with these wallpapers from Google.

Google’s announcement of an upcoming phone launch on October 4 was scant on details. But an accompanying website, https://madeby.google.com/, added a bit of weight to the thought that we may be in for a cool treat of a new wallpaper switching app that launches with the phone.

We all love new wallpapers, so what’s better than loading up one of the handful of great photos  [Read More…]

The pricing of Google’s new Pixel phones seems awfully familiar- and not in a good way

If you’ve followed Android and AOSP for any time at all, you know about the Nexus lineup. The Nexus lineup has been defined by cost-effective devices that spread Google’s vision for Android. It was leaked earlier this year by Android Police that Google would be moving away from the Nexus moniker and begin to market

LEAK: blurred photos of the Google Pixel and Pixel XL

Our friends over at AndroidPolice recently got their hands on some Pixel leaks. The phones look awfully similar to an HTC A9. Although the photos are blurred, we can see details like an aluminum finish, no camera bump (YES!) and the 5X/6P fingerprint reader in the back. We also see the odd glassy area on

Leaked Pixel and Pixel XL photos offer our best look yet at Google’s new phones

The launch is getting closer, and the photos are getting clearer.

Everyone has been speculating about the launch of the expected Pixel and Pixel XL phones, and now we have our best look yet at the unannounced Google phones. The photos, revealed by Android Police, are really the first clear look we’ve seen and show both phones side-by-side in all their glory.

Filling in the gaps around the identifying marks that have been  [Read More…]

Google’s fancy new Wallpaper app is the best thing about its leaked ‘Pixel launcher’

The launcher for Google’s upcoming smartphones has leaked — but that’s not even the most interesting part about it.

In the past day notorious HTC leaker @LlabTooFeR has leaked the latest version of Google’s “Pixel launcher” — the home screen app that’ll be preloaded on the two upcoming HTC-built Pixel phones (neé Nexus). Obviously it’s important that this is branded as the Pixel launcher — removing any doubt that that’s what this year’s Google phones will  [Read More…]

Pixel Launcher pics and APK leak

We’re getting a new look at Google’s upcoming Pixel Launcher, and we can even give it a shot! This is very similar the the Nexus Launcher, just renamed for the upcoming Pixel devices.

The launcher has the Google Now button up top and no app drawer button. Instead, you swipe up to access your app drawer. It’s a fantastic way of accessing your apps. Overall, the experience isn’t too different from the current Google Now Launcher, but it’s definitely a smooth  [Read More…]

The time is right for Google to push Nexus and Pixel lines to new heights

If Google is ever going to make the Nexus lineup- or the Pixel lineup as it is rumored to be called now a major player, it has to be now. Google has made it a point for the last six years to release a reference device to give OEMs and developers an idea of the direction

Action Launcher’s September update brings rumored Pixel phone features

It’s September, which means another update to Chris Lacy’s excellent Action Launcher, our favorite third-party launcher.

This month, Action Launcher offers a set of features that are rumored to be coming to the upcoming Pixel phones when they are expected to launch next month. Many of the improvements, such as swiping up from the dock to reveal All Apps, have been built through leaks and off-hand experiences.

The full change log is below:

Integration of Nexus Launcher’s rumored All  [Read More…]

Pixel phones could launch with Android 7.1, report confirms

Just days after the official launch of Android 7.0 Nougat comes word that its first maintenance release is not far behind. According to a number of sites and reports, an Android 7.1 build has already been spotted in apps and logs. Google has previously indicated that the first MR would come in the fall; an

Out with the Nexus, and in with the Pixel and Pixel XL

Earlier this week, we gave you our take on what we thought would happen with the Nexus lineup. Now we have confirmation that the Nexus lineup is indeed “dead”. Android Police is reporting that they have two independent sources confirming that the 5.0″ Sailfish and 5.5″ Marlin will be marketed as the Pixel and Pixel XL