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The Pixel C is now available from the Google Store starting at $499

The wait is over, you can now purchase the Pixel C. First announced back in September, the Pixel C is the next-gen tablet that is 100 percent Google, and it comes packing some impressive specs inside. With a 10.2-inch display that has a resolution of 2560×1800, the tablet comes equipped with NVIDIA’s Tegra X1 processor that is paired with 3GB of RAM.

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Google Pixel C specs

The Pixel C is the latest tablet from Google, and unlike previous Nexus-branded tablets this one has a bit of a different feel to it because it comes from the Pixel line — which previously just included Chromebooks. With an odd aspect ratio, removable keyboard and solid specs, it’s an interesting device for sure — here’s everything under the metal that keeps it running.

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Google’s new Pixel C is available now at the Play Store

At the most recent Google Nexus release event in San Francisco, we were introduced to the Pixel C and were not given a release date. Well Google just put the Pixel C up for sale starting at $ 499.00 for the 32Gb model. If you recall the latest tablet from Google runs Android 6.0 Marshmallow, comes with a 10.2″ display with 308ppi, is rather svelte at .517kg, is powered by the super powerful NVIDIA Tegra X1 with Maxwell GPU, and has  [Read More…]

Google fully introduces the Pixel C, with complete details and availability

Google has finally officially unveiled the Pixel C. The tablet was first shown off at the end of September, but Google didn’t give a ton of information at the time about it. The tablet is now officially available, and ready to be purchased. Running Android 6.0 Marshmallow, the Pixel C features a 10.2-inch display that is one of the brightest tablets out there. Additionally, the tablet has security benefits, 10+ hour battery life and much more.

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Our forums for the Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X, Pixel C and new Chromecasts are now open!

It was an impressive day of announcements for Google. We saw two new Nexus phones, a Pixel C tablet, a refreshed Chromecast for video, an all-new Chromecast Audio and plenty of other updates on Android 6.0 Marshmallow, Google Photos and Google Play Music. While everyone is trying to digest the news of the day, we opened up new forums for the discussion to get going.

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Google introduces the Android-powered Pixel C [with hands-on]

So looks like the leak yesterday turned out true.  Today, along with a handful of other exciting devices, Google announced the Pixel C – an Android-powered Pixel-branded tablet.


So what’s so special about it?  Well, a lot actually.  Firstly, being a “Pixel” device, we have superb build quality.  It’s wrapped with an all-metal aluminum chassis.

google-pixel-c-1200 - Copy

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Hands-on with the Google Pixel C

Call it a Pixel. Just don’t call it a Chromebook.

OK, so the new Google Pixel C looks very much like the Chromebook Pixel. Same beautiful aluminum. Same sleek lines. This one’s decidedly Android, though (thus no “Chromebook” moniker, never mind how many times I type it by mistake), and it very much is in the ilk of the Microsoft Surface and perhaps the new iPad Pro.

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Pixel C Specs

Google announced their first Android-based tablet with its Pixel branding that was previously used for high-end Chromebooks. The Pixel C will have a 10.2-inch 4k display and it will also support an optional hardware keyboard.

Unfortunately, not much is known about the Pixel C right now, but we will update the specs below as more information becomes available.

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Google to launch an Android-powered Pixel tablet, report claims

Google’s event tomorrow is shaping up to be action-packed.  We’re expecting a duo of Nexus smartphones to launch (debuting Android Marshmallow), new Chromecast devices, and now we have word of a new tablet – the Pixel C.

The report comes via Android Police and they’re fairly confident on the details they’ve managed to dig up.  But of course, take this leak with a grain of salt.  Fortunately, we only have to wait a day’s time to find out the deal.

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Android One gets a reboot with the Lava Pixel V1

Google is all set to unveil the second-generation Android One handset — made in collaboration with Indian manufacturer Lava Mobiles — later this month. Earlier rumors suggested we’ll see the official launch on July 14, which has since been pushed back to July 29. Ahead of the official unveil, details regarding the handset — which is called the Pixel V1 — have leaked, giving us a first look at the upcoming changes to the Android One platform.

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