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Which Pixel OTA or factory image to flash? It’s now a little easier to figure out

There are different builds for the European, U.S. and Verizon Pixels.

Google dropped three new Android 7.1 builds for the Pixel and Pixel XL recently, complete with the November 2016 security patches. But it wasn’t immediately clear which of the three builds posted update-hungry Pixel owners should apply to their devices.

In the past day or so, Google has refreshed its factory images page (but curiously, not its OTA images page) with a small but important  [Read More…]

Grab these Pixel and Pixel XL cases for $7

Whether you’ve got Pixel or a Pixel XL, you’ve got to be loving the beauty of these new Google phones. To help keep yours in prime condition for as long as possible, you’ll want to check out these great deals on the cases from Caseology. You can get a stylish black case for just $ 6.99, or opt for a clear case for only $ 5.99.

But this offer is limited to the first 100 or so  [Read More…]

Small number of Pixel users reporting LTE problems

A minor problem for the Google Phone.

Google’s new Pixel phone has been pretty free of controversy since its release last month. No show-stopping software bugs; no severe hardware issues.

Google has acknowledged the problem, but isn’t saying specifically what is the outright cause.

But like any phone release, there have been a few waves of protest by people saying their device isn’t working well in a particular situation. One such situation is on several South  [Read More…]

Google’s Pixel phones are having issues with LTE band 4 connectivity

Google’s Pixel phone duo hasn’t been out long, but select users are already experiencing some troubles when using their devices. Some Pixel owners in North and South America are complaining about unexpected connectivity issues on the LTE band 4. The issue seems only to affect select regions and operators. For example, the folks at Android

Toast launches its all new real wood skin for the Google Pixel XL

Google’s all new Pixel and Pixel XL have been a hit for Android fans. The phone is blazing fast, beautifully made, and has a spectacular camera which makes it one of the best premium phones of 2016. For those of you who like to make their devices look unique, Toast makes real wood skins for

Google posts latest Pixel and Nexus factory images with November security patch

Those getting antsy for the latest software can now apply the latest Google software updates manually.

Factory images with the latest November security patch built on Android 7.1 for the both the Pixel and Pixel XL are now available, as are the images with the same security patch with Android 7.0 for the Pixel C and latest Nexuses (6P, 5X, 6, 9, 9 (LTE) and Player). For those who don’t need the full factory image and would prefer a  [Read More…]

Partial Screenshot mode from Google’s Pixel C headed to phones (sort of)

This sure would be handy.

Grabbing a screenshot and cropping it is no big deal, but how cool would it be to just screenshot what you needed on your phone and not bother with the editing? A little-known feature on Google’s Pixel C does exactly that, but you can only access it with the keyboard attached. Pressing Control+Search+Shift+S on the keyboard makes the screen go dark, and when you drag your finger across part of the  [Read More…]

This weekend’s best 11 tech bargains: S7 edge and Pixel cases, 200GB MicroSD, Android Wear and Jaybirds

Happy Saturday! I am sure many of you had a long but fun week. You might have dressed up and headed to a Halloween party on Monday, or you may have taken your little ones for some good old trick or treating. Then you may have stayed up late to watch the Cubs beat the

Google Pixel review: An Android for normals

“The best Android smartphone.”

It’s a well-worn phrase favored by pundits and pitchmen, and one that I’m hardly immune to trying out every now and then. But in the Android world, the “best” has almost always been divided between two very different camps. For purists who wanted unadulterated software and the fastest updates, there was the Nexus line; for mainstream consumers, companies like Samsung won plaudits by packing in feature after feature (and selling phones through carriers).

So what  [Read More…]

Google Pixel XL vs. LG V20: Opposite approaches to greatness

You have choices when you go to spend big money on a phone today, with Google and LG being near the top.

When LG introduced the V series of phones in 2015 with the V10, it was aimed at a certain small group of people that wanted every possible spec and feature without much of a consideration of size, usability or style. Now the V20 is here, and it has much broader appeal with a sleeker  [Read More…]