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Samsung’s Olympic Games Edition Note 8 is shiny in all the right places

No matter how you place in the Games this year, Samsung is sending Olympians home with gold.

Just in time for the 2018 Winter Olympic Games to get started in Pyeongchang, South Korea, Samsung offered me a look at the special version of the Note 8 being handed out to the participants this year. Take a quick look!

For those who already own a Note 8, the big things you’re missing out on here are the  [Read More…]

Save your favorite places in Google Maps [How-To]

Love to discover new places in your town? Maybe you’ve heard your friends talk about a hip new restaurant and you want to try it out in the near future. Make sure you don’t forget to by employing the help of Google Maps. The app allows you to make lists of places including “Favorites”, “Starred […]

Best Places to Buy a Used Phone

Buying a used phone doesn’t have to be overly complicated or stressful.

The used phone market is an iceberg; you can only see the tip sticking out of the water, but it goes far deeper than you can imagine. This bears out in a recent Deloitte report that claims the used phone market grew to 120 million units in 2016, generating $ 17 billion for their owners. That number is only going to get bigger faster, too:  [Read More…]

Best Places To Buy A Refurbished Phone

Phones are expensive, but they don’t have to be that expensive.

Everyone wants a high-end phone, but the problem is bringing yourself to actually pay the high prices required for one. Some people are happy to pay retail, but others are looking for a deal — and one of the ways to find discounts is to look for refurbished phones.

But as you’d expect, buying a refurbished phone isn’t as simple as walking into a store and  [Read More…]

Google Maps now lets you create lists of your favorite places

Easily create lists on Google Maps and share them with friends and family.

Google Maps is introducing a new feature that lets you create lists of your places and share them with your friends and family via text message, email, or social media. You’ll be able to view and edit your lists even when you’re offline, and there’s also the option to create a public list that everyone will be able to follow.

The feature  [Read More…]

I got a new Places Live Case for my Pixel and it actually works!

Yes, a redemption story.

In case you hadn’t seen, I wasn’t a huge fan of Google’s own Places Live Case I ordered for my Pixel XL. Not only did fulfillment and shipping issues lead to it taking nearly a month to arrive, but when it finally showed up the notoriously poor case didn’t even work properly.

Loving the look of the case and hoping it was just an anomaly, I took a plunge and ordered another Places Live Case,  [Read More…]

Google Maps now tells you when places are busy in real time

Manage your time better with the new Google Maps update.

Google Maps has received a small update today focusing on improving time rationing at busy stores around the holiday (and beyond). In an update to Google Maps for Android and iOS, the service now tells you not only the general times when a restaurant, bar or store is busy, but, where available, a real-time summary of its popularity.

This data is hard  [Read More…]

225 HD and QHD breathtaking images of places from around the world

Now that summer has passed, it means the kids have gone back to school, the days are shorter and the weather is turning colder. Summer is my favorite time of the year because that’s when I have time off to vacation and see the world. With autumn upon us, I’ve gathered 225 HD and QHD

You could win a Nexus Live Case for reviewing local places on Google Maps

Google is offering members of its Local Guides program a chance to win a custom Nexus Live Case just for leaving high-quality reviews on Google Maps. Open to Local Guides in the U.S., all you’ll have to do is write as many high-quality reviews as you can through June 29 and you’ll have a shot at winning.

From Google:

Review places you’ve visited anywhere in the world for a chance to win a custom Live Case for  [Read More…]

Allow the use of Unknown Sources to install apps from other places [How To]

The Short Story To enable Unknown Sources in your phone, simply go to the Settings app, scroll down to Security, and then scroll down to ‘Unknown Sources.’ Tapping this option will enable you to install apps that are outside the Play Store ecosystem. The Long Story If you’ve been reading AndroidGuys for a while you’ve