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Samsung just opened the world’s largest phone manufacturing plant

The factory is capable of producing 120 million phones each year.

In Noida, India, Samsung formally opened up a brand-new smartphone manufacturing plant on Monday, July 9. According to Samsung, it’s the largest phone factory on the planet.

The factory will be used to produce both flagship smartphones and budget ones that cost under $ 100, and during a single year, Samsung says it’ll be able to produce up to 120 million handsets.

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ASUS announces the ZenFone Max with a power plant for a battery

ASUS today announced the ZenFone Max, a new smartphone from the company with a massive 5,000mAh battery. The battery is a sizeable improvement over current flagships from multiple vendors, and is capable of being deployed as a power bank when other smartphones simply run out of juice.

10 awesome nature wallpapers to plant on your homescreen.

Many of you I am sure have awesome setups on your desktops that would make anyone green with envy. Many of you also probably have simple setups without too much going on.  Whichever category you fall in, here are 10 great HD wallpapers that show us how beautiful the world we live truly is.

These digital works of art come courtesy of my personal collection, a collection that I have grown for many years with only the  [Read More…]