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Would a plastic backing on a phone be a big deal to you in 2018?

A plastic body isn’t enough reason on its own to completely write off a phone.

Remember when Russian site Mobile-Review dropped an entire Pixel 3 XL early impressions review a few weeks ago, complete with unboxing photos and camera samples? There was a ton of information to unpack in the article, but in the hardware section specifically, the writer mentioned a rough plastic backing on the phone, to accommodate for the newly added wireless charging.

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HTC U12 Life hands-on: Quite a looker, with an interesting take on plastic

A few good ideas with some uninspiring execution.

HTC’s attempt at parlaying the brand recognition of the U11 into the lower-end U11 Life didn’t particularly work out. It was an entirely forgettable phone with some performance shortcomings — hardly just a “small version of the latest flagship.” HTC is at it once again with the HTC U12 Life, which is even further removed in terms of design from the U12+ — outside of the fact that it’s  [Read More…]

Metal vs. plastic vs. glass: Which is the best phone material?

Three impossible choices.

Phones all look the same once you scrape away a few details. They’re rectangles designed to fit (mostly) into one’s hand and a display where we can tap and poke the things we see to find other things poke and tap. You can even make phone calls with them!

It’s those details, though, that makes the difference. Speakers, bevels, buttons and the physical size are the things that make a Galaxy Note different from  [Read More…]

Zagg’s sapphire-infused screen protector is nothing more than plastic snake oil

You don’t have to spend wads of cash on this overpriced product to protect your new Galaxy S8.

The term “sapphire crystal” may sound like something that’s incredibly protective, especially when you consider the fact that sapphire is one of the hardest nature-made materials on Earth. But things are not always what they seem, as proven by the latest JerryRigEverything torture test with Zagg’s pricey Galaxy S8 curved screen protector.

The $ 50 Zagg Sapphire Defense advertises that it’s  [Read More…]

The main differences between plastic and glass screen protectors

The display on your smartphone and tablets is arguably the most important external feature. While all metal or glass designs are great, you interact most with your touch screen most. Glass displays have come a long way in a short time, with Corning leading the way with Gorilla Glass 4. The latest glass is quite

First details of HTC One M9e suggest powerful plastic flagship

Coming to us thanks to China’s TENAA certification database via Engadget is news of the HTC One M9e, a plastic variant of the One M9+.

It shares the same specifications of the One M9+ minus the Duo camera: a 5.2-inch Quad HD display, 2.2GHz octa-core processor, 3GB of RAM, 20MP rear-facing camera with dual-tone flash, Ultrapixel front-facing camera, microSD card, and fingerprint reader.

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HTC One E9+ gets official in China with 5.5-inch 2K display and plastic body

HTC’s first Quad HD phone is a plastic-bodied HTC One for China.

Just like that, HTC has updated its Chinese site with an official listing for a new high-end handset for that country — the HTC One E9+. Drawing on HTC’s high-end One design language and that of its more affordable Desire series, the E9+ brings premium specs to a mainstream plastic-bodied phone. Color options include “meteor grey,” “classic rose gold” and “gold sepia,” in a  [Read More…]

HTC One E9 leak confirms glossy plastic flagship experience

AndroidCentral has reported an image leak of the One E9, courtesy of @upleaks. 

The phone will offer the top-of-the-line hardware in a plastic chassis, as can been seen in the photo. It is likely to be marketed as the One E9 Plus solely to Asian markets since the One E8 was marketed in this manner.

Supposedly, the device will be released in China next week at around $ 480.

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LG to offer free plastic version of Google Cardboard VR add-on to LG G3 buyers

LG will offer a free accessory giveaway later in February for LG G3 buyers called VR for G3. It’s basically a plastic version of the Google Cardboard virtual reality viewer that houses the smartphone with cutouts for the G3’s rear-mounted buttons.

Moto 360 to be made out of plastic?


When Motorola announced Moto 360 smartwatch they haven’t exactly revealed much details about the smartwatch itself. Everyone assumed the device will be made out of metallic material, most probably stainless steel. Latest report indicate that might not be the case though. According to a Chinese portal “TechWeb”, Moto 360 might be made out of plastic……. Read more »

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