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How to set parental controls on Google Play

Google Play has millions of apps, movies, and books available — and not all of it is family-friendly.

The Google Play Store is a vast marketplace filled with tons of great kid-friendly content, but there’s also some things on here that are decidedly not kid-friendly. If you just got your kid an Android phone that they’ll be managing rather than being under your Family Link profile, you can still set parental controls on Google Play to keep  [Read More…]

These cases let you play around with the Moto G8 Play with no fears

The Moto G8 Play is aiming to be one of the more popular handsets over the coming months if Motorola’s mid-range track record is any indication. However, with so much value in the G8 lineup, you’ll still want to keep it protected and we’ve found the best cases for the G8 Play.

Improved grippiness Fancart Soft TPU Protective Case

Staff Pick

Fancarts Soft TPU Case keeps everything simple with its raised edges, matte TPU material to  [Read More…]

Use the Oculus Link cable to play Viveport Infinity games on a Quest

Now that HTC has released the Beta for Viveport Streaming, headsets such as the Oculus Quest are now able to stream VR content from the Viveport Infinity store by using the Oculus Link cable. Quest owners will have access to hundreds of incredible games through the program. This step-by-step guide will help you set up your Oculus Quest to play games through the Viveport Infinity store.

Products used in this guide VR without external sensors: Oculus Quest (Starting  [Read More…]

Google Play Movies is prepping support for Dolby Vision HDR

Dolby Vision HDR support requires a licensing fee from Dolby.

What you need to know Google Play Movies is prepping Dolby Vision support in the app. A recent APK teardown by XDA Developers of the 4.17.22 version of the app revealed strings referencing Dolby Vision. Dolby Vision gives a superior picture quality over HDR10 by using dynamic metadata.

Google Play Movies is apparently working on adding Dolby Vision HDR support for its app soon. The revelation comes  [Read More…]

Google denies Epic’s request to be exempt from the Play Store’s 30% fee

Epic says that it did not ask for special exemption for itself, but that it wanted to see changes to the smartphone ecosystem across the board.

What you need to know Google takes a standard 30% cut from app revenue on its Play Store. Epic asked for Fortnite to be exempt from this fee. Google denied its request.

There are some facts in life that are indisputable. The sky is blue. Water is wet. Epic Games can’t  [Read More…]

Terraforming Mars is an award-winning board game you can play on your phone

Terraforming Mars is one of the most celebrated strategy board games released in the past decade. A digital version of the game was released on Steam last year, and now fans can enjoy playing the game on their smartphones, too.

While I never played the board game myself, my old roommates were absolutely obsessed with Terraforming Mars. I’d often come home to see our kitchen table taken over by a giant map of Mars and find them deeply  [Read More…]

Oculus Quest owners will be able to play hundreds o Viveport Infinity games

Viveport Infinity now supports Oculus Quest.

What you need to know HTC Vive releases VIVEPORT Streaming for standalone headsets. Oculus Quest owners will be able to use the Oculus Link to connect to the Viveport Infinity store. Quest owners will be able to access hundreds of PC VR titles through a Viveport Infinity subscription for $ 12.99 per month or $ 8.99 annually.

HTC Vive has released the Beta of VIVEPORT Streaming, which will give Vive Focus  [Read More…]

Qualcomm delivering GPU updates via the Play Store is a huge deal

Qualcomm is asserting more control over GPU updates, and that’s welcome news for Android gamers.

The Snapdragon 865 chipset is now official, and it comes with a slew of upgrades in key areas. The chipset features ARM’s latest Cortex A77 cores, delivering a 20% boost in performance from last year, and the Adreno 650 GPU has more cores that result in a massive 25% uptick.

But one feature in particular stands out: Qualcomm will start delivering GPU  [Read More…]

The best apps and games discounts on the Google Play Store

Thanksgiving is the time of year when families come together to relax and eat — and talk about all the great Black Friday deals you’ve already scored. While it’s easy to think of all the cool products on sale this time of year, Google has also done a great job of offering steep discounts on some great digital entertainment, from mobile games to movies and TV shows. These can be great for entertaining the fam after Thanksgiving dinner, or maybe  [Read More…]

Do you need PS Plus to play PlayStation games online with PS Now?

Best answer: No. If you’ve got PlayStation Now, you can play PlayStation games online. You won’t have access to the other benefits that PlayStation Plus brings, however, such as special discounts and sales.

Get started with PlayStation streaming: 1-month PlayStation Now membership ($ 10 at Amazon) Stock up your PlayStation wallet: PlayStation Store gift card (From $ 10 at Amazon) Is online multiplayer included with PlayStation Now?

If you subscribe to PlayStation Now but not PlayStation Plus,  [Read More…]