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Minuum 2.0 keyboard now available on Google Play

Minuum, the Android keyboard app that shrinks its keys down into almost a single line of characters, has concluded beta testing of its version 2.0 release, and the new build is now available Google Play. The app, a product of Y-Combinator startup Whirlscape, has been available since last year, but the latest version brings reduced keyboard lag, new languages and bug fixes. It’s also available as a free 30-day trial if you don’t want to fork  [Read More…]

TIP: Password protect your purchases through Google Play

In the wake of news that Google is facing a class-action lawsuit due to unauthorised charges accumulated through in-app purchases without parents permission. The lawsuit has been filed against Google in the US District Court for the Northern District of California by a New York resident, Llana Imber-Gluck, whose child spent $ 68.95 on the Marvel Run Jump Smash! game without her permission.

You can help avoid such a situation by password protecting your Google Play in order to prevent unauthorised  [Read More…]

Threes! addictive number game available on Google Play

The popular addictive number puzzle game Threes! has been released for Android on the Google Play Store. Threes! involves matching numbers in a puzzle which will be sure to test your mathematic skills.

The App has been ported from iOS by Hidden Variable Studios and remains the same price at $ 1.99. The developers of Three! published the following infographic showing the various statistics of the game that give an interesting insight into the popular puzzle game.

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Play Alien Ride for Android, hear new Skrillex album, Recess

First full-length album available as an easter egg inside the game

This one’s slightly strange, but if you’re a fan of dubstep artist, Skrillex, you’ll want to listen up. He’s got a new – well, first – album called Recess coming out on March 18, but if you download and play Alien Ride for Android and iOS you can listen to it in full as you progress through the game.

The Play Store listing makes no  [Read More…]

Get a Google Play Music All Access 60-day trial if you have a Chromebook

If you haven’t used a previous trial, Google is giving 60 days of all-you-can-listen to Chromebook users

Google Play Music All Access is pretty sweet. You can add any album to your library, listen to ad-free Internet Radio based on genre or based on a particular song, artist or album, or even try the “I’m Feeling Lucky” feature and see what you get. We all use it here around the office, and if it’s available in  [Read More…]

Google Play All Access 60 days free for select Chromebook owners

Google have just announced a special offer for select Chromebook owners which enables them to try Google’s All Access music streaming service for free for 60 days.

The Google Play All Access provides instant streaming to over 20 million tracks and usually costs £9.99 a month. Google Music recently got updated to provide playlist-based radio stations to aid in music discovery, bringing it in line with offerings from competitors such as Spotify. If you qualify for this offer then it  [Read More…]

Latest HTC M8 leaks include pair of new images, whisper of Google Play edition

The HTC M8′s official unveiling may still be a couple of weeks out, but luckily for us there have been a number of leaks to help make the wait easier. Today a few more details on HTC’s upcoming flagship have leaked out, including two new images of the device.

First up, @evleaks has shared an image of the HTC M8 donning a unique flip cover-style case. The front of the case is covered with holes, some of which are lit  [Read More…]

Pebble releases app with official appstore to Google Play, announces three more partners

It’s been over a month since iOS Pebble users received an update to the Pebble app with the new appstore baked in, but starting today, Android user can finally do the same.

The updated Pebble app is now available in Google Play. All of the app’s bugs are fixed so Pebblers on any platform can enjoy the same seamless and delightful experience of downloading from “a whole new universe of apps and watchfaces.”

Pebble took to its official blog today to  [Read More…]

Google Play Music update brings playlist-related radio stations

A few updates have hit the Google Play Store in quick succession that bring some welcomed functionality to the Google Play Music app for Android.

The first of which sees the ability to pin radio stations for listening to them offline when you don’t have an internet connection, as well as bringing some improvements to the user interface to make it easier to navigate. For example, there is a new “Play Next” option included in the menu.

Following on from  [Read More…]

Google Play Music update lets you create radio stations based on playlists

Google Play Music update

… And that, folks, is that.

Download the update at the link above.