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FIFA 12 lands on Xperia Play, exclusive until February

Android Central

If a Cristiano Ronaldo-themed dance simulator isn’t your cup of tea, how about a more traditional football game? Today EA and Sony Ericsson have announced that FIFA 12 is now available for the Xperia Play, and will be available on other 2011 Xperia handsets at a later date. What’s more, for a limited time, Xperia Play owners can grab FIFA 12 for free from the phone’s games widget.

EA has gone all  [Read More…]

Madden NFL ’12 now optimized for the Xperia PLAY

Madden '12

If a game of touch football isn’t your normal tradition for after the Thanksgiving meal, here’s an idea: popular EA title Madden NFL ’12 is now optimized for the Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY, and can be downloaded from the Android Market for $ 4.99. If you’ve played Madden on a touchscreen, you’re probably aware that physical controls, while not completely necessary, are certainly the better option. The Xperia PLAY is now available  [Read More…]

Darren Bent and Kasabian’s Tom Meighan stage real-life football match with Xperia Play

Android Central

Sony Ericsson has joined forced with Aston Villa’s Darren Bent and rock band Kasabian to stage a slightly bizarre (and completely awesome) real-life soccer football match using Xperia Play handsets, location tracking technology and ten real live human beings. The five-a-side match saw England international Bent face off against Kasabian frontman Tom Meighan, with both controlling their teams from on high with specially modified Xperia Plays.

While you probably won’t be able  [Read More…]

Dead On Arrival – Fight off an endless horde of zombies exclusively on your Xperia Play

Dead On Arrival

Zombies, guns, mayham and chaos — what more could you want? Dead On Arrival is the latest game released for the Xperia Play as an exclusive for a limited time and it’s pretty awesome. Featuring top down 3D gameplay, Dead On Arrival uses comic-style cut scenes tell the story of a endless horde of zombies after you but you get an a massive catalog of weapons to blast them to bits  [Read More…]

Eric Schmidt confirms that Google will not play favorites with Motorola


Ever since Google announced its intent to purchase Motorola Mobility, several Android device manufacturers have been a bit uneasy about what this move could mean for their future business. Though statements released by these manufacturers immediately after the acquisition announcement were all relatively positive, these companies are still worried about how Google entering the hardware business will impact them.

In a move to reassure these key Android partners, Google Chairman and  [Read More…]

Sphero is a remote-controlled ball that wants to play with your Android device


Sphero – the rolling, racing, turning, twirling robotic ball that is powered by Android and features games – is available for pre-order. First seen at tech shows throughout the year, Sphero recently started accepting pre-orders in the United States. Demand for the ball has proven too high to guarantee getting a Sphero in 2011, but you may  [Read More…]

Winamp, Mac, and Android finally ready to play nice

Winamp for Mac

Winamp, Android, and Mac: the forbidden love triangle is finally ready to play nice, thanks to the newly released Winamp for Mac Sync Beta. Now, you’ll finally be able to sync your Mac’s music with your Android device, just as Winamp has always worked on Windows. If you’re new to Winamp, here’s the gist: once Winamp is downloaded to your computer, you’ll be able to import all of your music with  [Read More…]

Reckless Racing 2 and Lara Croft headed to Xperia Play, screenshots galore

Android Central

Reckless Racing 2 and Lara Croft: Guardian of Light are headed to the Xperia Play in the weeks ahead, and Sony Ericsson’s hoping to get gamers hyped up for both titles with today’s release of a slew of screenshots from both games.

Both titles are the latest entries in SE’s growing list of (timed) exclusives for its gaming-focused phone, a list which has so far included the likes of Sleepy Jack and  [Read More…]

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 & INC now available for the Sony Xperia Play


Gaming is always fun on an Android device, and even more fun if you are a Sony Xperia Play owner. Sony Ericsson has announced that they are now bringing Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 and INC to the Xperia Play starting today to enhance your gaming experience. Hit the break for some more information on the applications.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2012 The highly acclaimed Tiger Woods PGA TOUR® franchise is back for the 2012 PGA TOUR®, allowing you to  [Read More…]

Sleepy Jack arrives exclusively on Xperia Play for a limited time

Android Central

Another day, another Xperia Play exclusive. This time it’s the popular iOS game Sleepy Jack that’s coming to Sony Ericsson’s PlayStation-certified device before any other Androids. Sleepy Jack is a 3D flying game where players must guide Jack through a series of dream worlds, collecting Zs as they go. We had a chance to try out a pre-release version of the game on Xperia Play last month and were really impressed with  [Read More…]