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Google Play Newsstand gets redesigned home screen, bottom toolbar

Google Play Newsstand is now better than ever.

Google has released a new version of Play Newsstand, its one-stop shop for news, magazines and other written content, with an updated home screen design and a bottom tab bar that replaces the left-side hamburger menu.

The design is definitely more personal, greeting you by name in a new tab titled “For You” along with a daily briefing that attempts to cull together written and video highlights  [Read More…]

Play Catan for cheap with the latest Humble Mobile Bundle

I used to love writing about new Humble Mobile Bundles, the Android equivalent of HB’s excellent pay-what-you-want software packages that benefit charities, and great indie developers. Sadly, those days don’t come as often anymore, but this latest one — board game-themed — is worth mentioning.

Carcassonne: fine. Scotland Yard: meh. Great games, I’m sure — but you’re really here for Catan, one of the greatest trading strategy board games ever conceived.

Catan, along with Splendor and  [Read More…]

Gear VR games you need to stand to play

Some games aren’t meant to be played sitting down.

Samsung’s Gear VR delivers you tons of great games to play in VR. While plenty of them are playable while sitting down, that isn’t the case across the board. We’ve collected a few of the best games that are meant to be played while standing up. You might be able to get away with sitting down to play them, but you won’t get the best experience that  [Read More…]

Google Play Store will be able to offer introductory prices for subscription apps

Right now, signing up for a subscription service on an Android device, like Spotify or Sling TV, means paying the full price up front just to get things rolling, but that’s going to be changing soon.

Today at its Playtime developer event, Google introduced introductory prices for subscription apps, which will allow customers to pay a bit less to start their subscription with a service. After this initial promo period, the subscriber will be transitioned to normal pricing.

One example would be  [Read More…]

Google Play brings new developer features for subscriptions, refunds and Early Access

Google Play has announced a series of new features for Google Play developers alongside their Playtime developer event going on today in San Francisco. Among the announcements today are new features that could mean great things for users looking for the newest apps and the best deals.

Even as [Chromebooks](./chromebooks] are beginning to enjoy Google Play apps, Google Play is preparing to expand with Daydream VR apps as well as Google Play for Wear, bringing standalone  [Read More…]

Picking the perfect phone for both work and play

If you need your phone for both work and everyday life, don’t carry two phones — pick the best for both worlds!

All work and no play makes your phone something, something. Oh yeah, boring. If you’re required to have a phone for work, you might be reluctant to use it on a personal level, but carrying two phones is cumbersome and counterproductive.

What you need to do is pick one phone and make it count.  [Read More…]

New Verizon customers can get the Moto Z Play Droid for $10/month

Are you considering moving to Verizon? If that’s the case, we have some good news those of you who are looking to do business with Big Red. The carrier is now welcoming newcomers with an exciting promotion for the Moto Z Play Droid. The Moto Z Play Droid might not be a top of the

The Google Play Store just made its app rating system more reliable

It happened to all of us at some point – positive reviews misleading us into downloading a lousy app from the Google Play Store. But Google wants to put a stop to developers boosting their apps’ rankings through such shady means. The tech giant has announced it is debuting a new technology that will help

Google Play Store receiving improved fraud and spam detection

Google wants to make the Play Store a bit safer when it comes to avoiding fraudulent material and spam.

Google has announced a few key changes for the Play Store that focus on cracking down on developers fraudulently promoting apps. The company is rolling out new detection and filtering tools, which should help it filter out attempts to manipulate the Play Store and its app rankings. The goal is to boost the integrity of the Play Store and its apps.

One example could  [Read More…]

Google is officially cracking down on Play Store fraud

Integrity is a loaded word, but it’s one that Google takes particularly seriously given the skeptics who have questioned the reliability of Android’s Play Store.

Google has announced that it’s rolling out improved detection and filtering systems to help rid the visibility of less-than-stellar applications in Android’s app marketplace. This includes apps from developers who may have attempted to manipulate the placement of their apps through illegitimate means such as fraudulent installs, fake reviews, and even incentivized  [Read More…]