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Jump Force will have almost 40 playable characters; here’s the list so far

Goku, Naruto, and Luffy, oh my!

Can Naruto use his Shadow Clone Jutsu to beat a Super Saiyan? Is Killua strong enough to take on Yugi Moto and his team of monsters? Can Goku manage to best Luffy on the high seas? Find out next time on… DRAGON BALL Z.

Oh, sorry, just getting a bit excited about the anime mashup fighting game Jump Force. All those fantasy scenarios above will be possible in a game that  [Read More…]

Doodle Draw is the first playable game within Facebook Messenger

With all the games and everything that are available to play on Facebook, you would’ve thought that there would be some type of game to play within Facebook Messenger. Well as of today, that dream is now a reality.

From within Facebook Messenger, you can now play a pretty obvious clone of the popular app, Draw Something. Of course for copyright reasons, the name of this game is Doodle Draw, but the concept of Doodle Draw is essentially the same.

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