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Buy a Sonos Playbar and get a free wall mount and gift card

Listen to the money you saved.

Right now you can pick up a Sonos Playbar with wall mount and $ 50 Amazon gift card for just $ 699, which is the price of the soundbar by itself. While it’s not a direct price drop on the item itself, it’s relatively rare that we even see any offers around the Playbar, and this comes with a free $ 90 in extras. The Playbar is designed to sync with  [Read More…]

Sonos Beam vs. Sonos Playbar: Which should you buy?

Alexa vs. Goliath.

In the world of soundbars, to say there’s variety in what’s offered, and how much you can pay, is an understatement. Searching “soundbar” on Amazon sees companies like Vizio offering a basic $ 75 option that’s no-frills and pretty well-received, while big names like Yamaha offer hardware twice the size with an included subwoofer — and a $ 300 price point.

But neither options do, or even claim to do, what Sonos soundbars offer.  [Read More…]

Get the Sonos Playbar with a $40 Amazon gift card and 6 months of Music Unlimited

Our team at Thrifter has a great bundle for you that includes the Sonos Playbar and some Amazon goodies!

This bundle from Amazon includes a Sonos Playbar, $ 40 Amazon gift card, and six free months of Amazon Music Unlimited for a total of $ 696.95. That price is essentially just the cost of the Sonos Playbar by itself, so you’re getting the rest of that as a bonus. The Music Unlimited service costs $ 8 a month for  [Read More…]

Sonos Controller updated with multi-account support, Playbar enhancements and more

The good folks at Sonos have just released a new and improved Sonos controller app for both Android and iOS. The new version makes some beta features official, and just in time to help spread some holiday cheer. The notable inclusions in this version are multi-account support and various Playbar sound enhancements.

Free Sonos BRIDGE and 6-Month Spotify Subscription When You Buy a Sonos PLAYBAR


Everyone loves a good deal, right?

If you’ve not heard of Sonos, they are a range of speakers that you can stream media to which interconnect around your house. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are easily the rolls-royce of wireless speakers.

Unfortunately the only downside of Sonos is the price, but Amazon are today holding a deal which will help  [Read More…]