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Roku’s best streaming player, the Ultra 4K, is down to $76

Watch your favorite shows.

Right now you can pick up the Roku Ultra 4K streaming media player for just $ 76.49. The last deal we shared on this Roku is when it dropped to around this price back in June. Since then it bounced back up to around $ 89. This price is actually the lowest it’s ever sold for, even a few bucks better than that June mention. Roku makes some of the best streaming hardware, so if  [Read More…]

The NVIDIA Shield TV media player is $139 for a limited time

Blends perfectly with all your other Android gear.

The NVIDIA Shield TV streaming media player is down to $ 139 on Amazon. This is a Prime Day Lightning deal, so you’ll definitely need a Prime membership for this one. The average street price for the Shield is around $ 179. While it has dropped in price a couple times in the past, we have never seen it go for less than $ 149. Of course, since it’s a Lightning  [Read More…]

Roku’s Ultra 4K streaming player is down to its lowest price ever

Get the best for less.

Right now you can pick up the Roku Ultra 4K streaming media player for just $ 79.99, which is $ 20 lower than it normally sells for. This price is actually the lowest it’s ever sold for, beating the previous low by $ 5. Roku makes some of the best streaming hardware, so if you’ve cut the cord already or are considering doing so, you’ll want to have one of these attached  [Read More…]

Amazon Fire TV vs. Apple TV: Which streaming player should you buy?

They’re the same, only different.

Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV do the same things. They run a full version of their respective company’s operating system. They run apps. They have access to their respective media libraries and can stream video and music and play games and control things via your voice.

So let us stipulate that Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV are very similar products.

They’re also wildly different in a number of ways.

Let’s  [Read More…]

Is the PlayStation 4 a great Blu-ray player?

If you enjoy Blu-rays for their ultra-high quality, the PS4 isn’t all the way there.

The DVD player in the PlayStation 2 is a big part of why that console was so popular. Parents were able to put a DVD player that was cheaper than most of the other DVD players on sale at the time in their kid’s room, and it also had tons of games! Sony continued this momentum into the PlayStation 3 with a  [Read More…]

Google Play offering discounts inspired by ‘Ready Player One’

Get savings on movies, audiobooks, and more.

Steven Speilberg’s Ready Player One is officially in theaters, and in celebration of its highly-anticipated release, Google Play is running discounts on a number of audiobooks, e-books, and movies that should help to itch your 80s nostalgia craze.

When it comes to e-books and audiobooks, Google Play is running deals on titles like Starship Troopers, Ender’s Game, A Clockwork Orange, and many others. You can browse through the entire collection  [Read More…]

The Nexus Player will not be upgraded to Android P

At the beginning of this month, Google released the first developer preview of Android P, the next major update to its mobile operating system.

Some Google devices weren’t included in the update, like the Nexus 5X, the Nexus 6P, and the Nexus Player. Google confirmed that the Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, and the Pixel C tablet wouldn’t be getting an update to Android P, but it was still up in the air whether or not the Nexus P would be updated.

Now  [Read More…]

Stream all your favorite shows in 4K with the $86 Roku Ultra media player

The Roku Ultra HD and 4K streaming media player is down to $ 86 on Amazon. This device has sold for $ 105 since July. That street price was a previous low, and it has never gone below $ 100 like this before.

This model is from last year, but with this deal it’s actually a few bucks cheaper than the 2017 version. Of course, it’s going to have a slightly slower processor and other internals, but you’re  [Read More…]

jetAudio HD Player : Ideal choice for Audiophiles (Review)

Long gone are the days when people used their phones just to make and receive calls. People these days use their phones to do all kinds of things except making calls and one such thing is listening to music. It is a great way to spend your time in peace. Unfortunately, the default music player […]

WiZ Light bulbs are a new player in the smart lights arena (Review)

WiZ is a new company in the smart lighting market, and they bring a compelling collection of lights to the US market. Featuring a simple set up and easy to use app, as well as a hub-less design that may be appealing to those feeling the smart home hub fatigue. The WiZ A.E26 bulbs are […]