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Get the paper out on time with Special Delivery on PlayStation VR

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Special Delivery is here for Playstation VR!

There are some games that look so simple and fun you’re compelled to give them a try immediately. Special Delivery on PlayStation VR is most definitely one of them. You play as the lowest rung on the newspaper food chain: a paperboy who needs to get the news delivered in a timely fashion. Of course as you go you’ll run into rival paper delivery  [Read More…]

Xbox One X versus PlayStation 4 Pro: Which high-end console brings the better hardware?

Microsoft’s new Xbox One X brings some beefy specs.

Tonight at E3 in Los Angeles Microsoft introduced the new Xbox One X and it’s time to compare their best to Sonys.

The Xbox has become more than just a game console as Microsoft has focused on making it another part of the expansive Windows platform. Meanwhile, Sony has focused on adding features to the PlayStation to bolster the gaming experience as well, though they don’t have software  [Read More…]

PlayStation VR toubleshooting guide

Everything you need to know, just in case something goes wrong.

PlayStation VR is a great system that’s introduced many people to VR, but even the best systems experience problems from time to time. From tracking issues to display issues to audio issues, here’s how to fix pretty much any problem you experience with your PlayStation VR.

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Best Vertical Docks for PlayStation 4

So long as you have a decent dock, standing your PlayStation 4 up vertically isn’t a problem.

While your PlayStation 4 console has a sturdy base to sit on horizontally, there is a way to save some space on the entertainment center. By using a dock, you can easily ensure that, when standing vertically, your console is stable and ready to give you access to your games, music, and movies.

Keten Vertical Stand Ortz Vertical Stand Official  [Read More…]

All of the PlayStation 2 games that are available to play on your PS4

Breathe some new life into your old favorites by playing them on your PS4.

In 2015 Sony started bringing PlayStation 2 games to the PlayStation 4 and now the number of games supported is too big to memorize. That means it’s time for a list!

There are over 40 games available and they’ve been updated to include PSN Trophies and other PS4 features like Remote Play, posting to your Activity Feed, and PSN Broadcast just like any  [Read More…]

Best hard drive for upgrading your PlayStation 4 storage

Get all the space you need with an external hard drive.

While your PlayStation 4 might initially seem like it has all the space in the world for games, apps, and movies, eventually you’re going to run out of room. Instead of deleting old saves or removing games from your system entirely, you can upgrade your space with an external hard drive. We’ve got the details on how to pick the right one here!

Why you’ll want  [Read More…]

These are the PlayStation VR games coming out this month!

What new games does PlayStation VR have in store this month?

Playstation VR has a great selection of games for you to browse through for your adventures in VR. Happily, the list of games is always expanding, and adding new titles for you to choose from. If you’ve been trying to figure out what is appearing this month, we’ve got you covered. While there are only a handful of new releases for May, we’ve got them all  [Read More…]

These are the best free apps for PlayStation VR

There aren’t many out there, but the free apps on Playstation VR are nothing to scoff at.

Sony launched PlayStation VR with a bang, including a ton of amazing games from nearly every genre. If you haven’t spent any time lurking through the PlayStation store since setting up your PlayStation VR, then you might not realize that there are a handful of free apps available for download right now. At the moment, the pickings are a bit  [Read More…]

Does your PlayStation VR need extra cooling fans to avoid overheating?

Heat is part of the deal when you’re playing PlayStation 4.

PlayStation 4 delivers tons of great content — from VR experiences to Netflix and Hulu, to its massive library of great games for you to dive into. You might be worried about how hot your system gets when it’s in use though, and whether you need to bite the bullet and pick up an additional fan for cooling. While this is a fairly normal reaction, it  [Read More…]

Everything you can do with the PlayStation Aim controller

A full controller pretending to be a move controller.

The PlayStation Aim controller was built to bring a new layer of immersion to PlayStation VR games where you’re shooting anything that moves, but it’s good for much more than feeling like a gun when you can’t see the real world. It’s got the functionality of a DualShock controller in an entirely new format, and we have the details on everything it can do here.

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