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Boost Mode on PlayStation 4 Pro doesn’t do much for PSVR

VR is already great though PlayStation 4 Pro, so it’s not likely to improve much more.

The 4.5 update to PlayStation 4 Pro consoles added a Boost Mode feature, which was designed to offer more processing and GPU power to existing games that weren’t going to update to the more capable “enhanced” mode. For normal PS4 games, this Boost Mode offers a slight stability bump to make things look consistently good throughout the experience. There was some  [Read More…]

How to use an Elgato to stream video from your PlayStation 4

Elgato makes streaming more versatile, no matter which service you prefer using.

Sharing your gameplay by streaming is pretty easy and baked into PlayStation 4 if you want to stream to Twitch. If your prefer a different service then you may have taken a look at using an Elgato to help facilitate your gaming. While the initial setup of using an Elgato can seem a bit daunting, it’s actually pretty easy to do. Just give yourself a  [Read More…]

Should you upgrade your headphones for PlayStation VR?

Great audio experiences are a huge part of VR.

No matter what VR headset you are using, you want to make sure you have decent headphones. That full immersion experience, where your physical world is replaced by the virtual one, has a lot to do with hearing things from all around you. Knowing that when you turn your head you’ll see something coming from the direction you just heard it is a big deal, but if you  [Read More…]

Littlstar VR might be the best app you can add to your PlayStation VR

Having access to your favorite content is now as simple as using a USB stick.

Littlstar VR isn’t a new app to enter the PlayStation VR sphere. It’s been here for months already, delivering some awesome videos. Now the developers have gone above and beyond to bring you the type of features that are pretty exciting. They’ve increased their versatility in which videos can be played from within the app, along with adding USB support. You read  [Read More…]

Best External Hard Drives for PlayStation 4

The days of cracking open a PS4 for expansion are over!

At long last, PlayStation 4 owners can update their consoles with increased storage without needing to void the warranty to install a bigger drive themselves. The 4.5 update from Sony made it possible to connect any USB 3.0 hard drive to the console and make that storage part of the experience. No more storage concerns, and no more wondering if you will be able put this  [Read More…]

PlayStation VR’s Cinematic Mode received an update and it’s better than ever

Did the PlayStation 4.50 patch change PSVR?

PlayStation patch 4.50 is here, and with it comes a bunch of significant changes to the PS4, as well as a few changes to PlayStation VR. Cinematic mode and the Social Screen received notable upgrades, and you can now also watch 3D Blu-Rays within your headset. Let’s take a deeper look at exactly what the changes bring and what they mean for PSVR.

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You’ll soon be able to stream PlayStation 4 games with PlayStation Now

The PlayStation Now catalog will be expanded with PS4 titles sometime in 2017.

PlayStation Now is a great way to play hundreds of PS3 games by streaming them right to your PS4 or your PC. Today Sony says that soon the catalog will be extended to include PlayStation 4 titles.

We’re excited to announce that PS Now’s catalog is set to grow even further, as we’ll be expanding to include a new platform: PlayStation 4 games. All  [Read More…]

How to manually set your IPD in PlayStation VR

How do I change my interpupillary distance in PSVR?

Unlike the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive, PlayStation VR doesn’t have a slider or a dial on it that lets you physically set the interpupillary distance (IPD) in your headset. Instead, PSVR has software that takes a picture of your face and lets you move crosshairs onto your eyes. The rest is all handled automatically. Unfortunately, this process isn’t quite exact, and it might take you quite  [Read More…]

Nintendo Switch vs PlayStation 4: Which should you buy?

Will your next console be a Nintendo Switch or a PlayStation 4?

Not all game consoles are created equally, which you can guess just by looking at the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch side by side. But both of these consoles have a similar message in separate attempts to sell these unique experiences. Nintendo and Sony claim to have an intense focus on us, the players. That includes offering features we want, with games we want to  [Read More…]

How to clean your PlayStation 4 console

Keeping your console clean is mandatory for the best gaming experience!

Your PlayStation 4 is a behemoth when it comes to delivering awesome games, movies, and even VR content. However, you may start to notice some slow down if you let dust build up over time, and nobody wants that. To keep your console running as efficiently as possible, you definitely need to keep it clean. Thankfully this is an easy task that should only take about  [Read More…]