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Sacrifice one plug for three USB ports with this $19 Topgreener charger outlet

Plug it in, plug it in.

This Topgreener 3-port USB charger wall outlet is down to $ 19.17 with code U9UNVPWK on Amazon. This deal saves you about $ 6 off the average street price.

Essentially you’ll be able to replace one outlet with three ports for charging USB devices. That’s a good trade if you ask me, considering most of the things we plug in these days are power adapters for USB cables.

Features include:

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See what all the smart plug hype is about with Etekcity’s $13 option

This makes it so affordable to try!

Right now you can pick up an Etekcity smart plug for just $ 12.99 at Amazon when you enter the coupon code 7FRQNW4M during checkout. This is a savings of $ 3 and happens to drop this plug down to its lowest price. While it may not seem like a huge discount, this actually makes it one of the most affordable smart plugs on the market, and it’s even Amazon  [Read More…]

Add a smart plug to every room in your home for just $26 each

Smart homes are the future and thanks to our pals at Thrifter getting started just got more affordable!

If you’re looking to dabble in the smart home space, the easiest way to get started is with smart plugs. Not only are they one of the most affordable accessories, but they also provide a whole lot of value to your daily life. From being able to control lights to turning on small appliances remotely, there are tons of different use  [Read More…]

This $20 smart plug can be controlled by your voice

Our friends at Thrifter are back again, this time with a great deal on a smart plug you’ll want to buy!

Right now you can pick up D-Link’s Smart Plug for just $ 19.99 at Amazon, which is a savings of $ 10 from its regular price. This smart plug works with both Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Assistant, meaning you can use just your voice to control the power to the outlet if you wanted. It can also  [Read More…]

A Wallflower smart plug means you’ll never forget to turn off the stove

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who know they turned off the stove and everyone else.

For the latter group (at least for those with electric stoves), there’s a new product that aims to give some peace of mind. Wallflower turns your dumb range into a semi-smart (more on that in a second) stove that provides some insurance should things be left cooking.

It takes about 2 minutes to make your dumb stove smart.

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ASUS might pull de plug on its ZenWatch lineup

Albeit lackluster interest in the smartwatch category from behalf of consumers, more and more companies are flocking to launch intelligent timepieces. Back in March, Fossil introduced more than 300 new smartwatch models from its partner sub brands, in a bid to show users the smartwatch market is alive and kicking. But a new report coming […]

Sprint reportedly pulling the plug on its switch and save 50% promo soon

Back in 2014, US carrier Sprint introduced a “ground-breaking” promotion which awarded customers switching from Verizon, AT&T or T-Mobile the same amount of data, talk and text at half a price. Sprint continued the offer it sporadically throughout 2015, 2016 and then 2017, but according to a recent report it seems the carrier will be […]

Plug in to your Gear VR and nothing happens? Here’s what to do next!

If Oculus isn’t launching when you plug your phone into Gear VR there might be a serious problem.

Usually jumping into your Gear VR is as easy as plugging your phone in, and putting on your headset. However, if when you plug your phone into Gear VR, and nothing happens, then you definitely have a problem.

Before you panic, there are two causes for this issue, and we have the details on what to do.

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Don’t miss out on this smart plug for its lowest price yet!

Right now you can pick up one of TP Link’s smart plugs for just $ 35, its lowest price yet. If you’re looking to make your house or apartment a bit smarter, this is the perfect way to get started or add to your existing setup. From being able to schedule when the power at the outlet goes on and off to having remote access to it, this is an awesome way to make things work better for you.

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Weekly poll results: Most of us plug in when we move files

Our last weekly poll asked everyone about what method they use when they need to move a file from their phone or tablet to a computer, or vice-versa. For some of us, it’s something we never have to do, but the majority of us still do it the old-fashioned way — with a USB cable.

That’s not surprising, and there is nothing wrong with doing it over a wire. Often times (and this is  [Read More…]