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Grab the $70 TP-Link 6-outlet power strip or two smart plugs for $30

All the smart outlets you could want.

The TP-Link Kasa Smart Wi-Fi 6-outlet 3-USB port surge protection Power Strip is down to $ 69.99 on Amazon. This power strip is a new product from TP-Link and has never dropped from its $ 80 retail price before, which you can still find it for at other retailers like B&H. This is a first-time discount.

If you need to add a couple individual smart plugs around the house, you  [Read More…]

The 4 best smart plugs for Alexa and Google Home

Save on your summer energy costs with the right smart plugs that work with both Google Home and Alexa.

Amazon Echo and Google Home speakers are so popular these days that we’ve crossed over from the early adopters to each finding a place within the mainstream culture. Both are functional if you’re like me you might not be convinced which assistant is right for you — that’s why I’ve got both Alexa and Google Home speakers set  [Read More…]

Best Smart Plugs for Google Home in 2018

Turn your traditional gadget into a smart one with a smart plug.

Smart home devices are great — I’ve been obsessing over them since recently moving into a century-old house — and they all work together to make life a little easier and more convenient. It isn’t always about being too lazy to reach for the light switch; most smart gadgets allow you to access and control the various appliances in your house remotely so that you  [Read More…]

Which Smart Plugs are Best for Monitoring Energy Usage?

Do you know how much energy your devices and appliances are using?

Smart plugs can be great accessories for controlling devices around your home. They work with voice assistants such as Google Assistant or Alexa and can turn almost any lamp or appliance into a smart device you can control with your voice.

But that’s just the beginning — get a smart plug with energy monitoring features and you’ll be able to track how much energy your  [Read More…]

Grab two of TP-Link’s energy monitoring smart plugs for just $40 today

Monitor your usage from anywhere.

Amazon currently has this 2-pack of TP-Link smart plugs marked down to $ 39.99, a match of its lowest price. We’ve seen the price drop this low in the past, but for the better part of this year, they’ve been selling for $ 50. The 2-pack of Mini smart plugs is $ 5 off at $ 55 if you prefer to be able to stack two smart plugs in the same wall  [Read More…]

The $7 CyberPower six-outlet wall tap can make hidden plugs accessible again

Use every outlet you have. Even the annoying inaccessible ones.

The CyberPower six-outlet swivel grounded wall tap is only $ 6.78 on Amazon. This wall tap was selling as high as $ 13 last year and has been selling for around $ 9 for most of this year. The drop to $ 6.78 is the lowest we’ve ever seen.

This simple device turns two grounded wall outlets into six outlets. Not only that, but the outlets can  [Read More…]

Eufy’s compact smart plugs are down to $14 for the first time

No more excuses. Start your smart home now!

The Eufy smart plug down to $ 13.99 is its first drop below $ 23 ever. It’s cheap enough you can afford to buy a couple to really get your smart home moving along. Just look at how that price compares to other popular smart plugs. The Wemo Mini is $ 30 right now, and the TP-Link smart plug is $ 25.

These plugs require no hub and work  [Read More…]

Eufy’s Alexa-compatible smart plugs are down to their lowest price yet

Can’t go wrong with either option!

Eufy’s basic smart plug is down to just $ 19.54 when you clip the on-page coupon for 15% off. This plug has more of a square shape and in some situations can prevent something else from being plugged into the other outlet at the same time. To avoid this issue, you’ll need to spend a little more and go for the company’s compact smart plug, which will set you back $ 25.49 with  [Read More…]

4 Best Smart Plugs for Alexa, Google Home in 2018

Make your home smarter in 2018 with the right smart plugs that work with both Google Home and Alexa.

Amazon Echo and Google Home speakers have been growing in popularity over the last couple of years as the technology transitions from early adopters to finding a mainstream market. Both are functional, but at this point, there’s no clear leader, so maybe you’re interested in testing both out.

While you’re doing that, you should be sure to buy  [Read More…]

Control your devices anywhere with a $40 two-pack of TP-Link Smart Plugs

Buy smart accessories smartly.

The TP-Link HS110 Smart Plug two-pack is now on sale at Amazon for just $ 39.99. Other than when it was $ 35 at B&H Photo on Black Friday, this looks to be the lowest price ever for these smart plugs. At just $ 5 above the Black Friday pricing, it’s nothing to scoff at. A single one of these plugs is currently selling for $ 35 on its own, so this is a really  [Read More…]