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Let your Echo Plus go beyond with these smart home devices

The newest incarnation of the Amazon Echo Plus is more than just a conduit for music and Alexa commands. The second-gen Echo Plus has a Zigbee smart home hub hiding within that plump, plush exterior, and that makes it compatible with thousands of smart home devices that otherwise need a special hub to function. These are the best smart home devices to pair with one, whether they use Zigbee or just have Alexa compatibility built in.

Light it up Philips  [Read More…]

What is PlayStation Plus and why do I need it?

Best answer: PlayStation Plus is Sony’s subscription service for all things PlayStation, and it’s available to purchase on a month-by-month basis or for an entire year. With it you get access to online multiplayer, cloud storage, exclusive deals, and much more.

Amazon: PlayStation Plus 12-month subscription ($ 60)

Cloud game saving

One of the handy little perks of a PlayStation Plus subscription is the ability to save your games to the cloud. One way  [Read More…]

The $90 Instant Pot Duo Plus can feed a family of six nine different ways

Easiest cooking you’ll do all day.

The Instant Pot Duo Plus 60 6-quart 9-in-1 programmable pressure cooker is down to $ 89.95 on Amazon. That’s $ 40 off its regular price and only $ 10 above the lowest price we’ve seen this year. We saw a few Instant Pot deals on Black Friday, including the regular Duo 6-quart down as low as $ 50, but this model adds several functions that one doesn’t have.

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Facebook Portal vs. Facebook Portal Plus: What’s the difference?

The Facebook Portal is the type of product that you probably already know whether you want. But if you know you want one and don’t know which one to get, we’ve reviewed both models to see which is right for you.

Facebook Portal

Light and Small

$ 200 at Amazon

Pros Seamless video calls via Facebook. Growing list of third-party service, including Alexa. AI-powered smart camera features. Proper privacy guards in place. Cons Not as capable  [Read More…]

Own a PlayStation 4? You kind of have to buy 12 months of PS Plus for $40

Not to be rude, but it’d be crazy to pass up on a deal like this.

We’re big fans of the PlayStation 4 around here at AC, and as anyone who’s spent any amount of the time with the console will know, PlayStation Plus is a pretty incredible package.

Basically Sony’s version of Xbox Live for the PS4, PlayStation Plus allows you to play games online with your friends, score exclusive discounts on games + movies +  [Read More…]

Affordable notchy phones battle it out: Nokia 7.1 Plus vs Motorola One

When the notch first appeared on phones last year, it was an exclusive component of premium flagship-level smartphones.

But as months went by and more and more Android OEMs jumped on board of the design trend, the notch started making it to middle-range models too.

Today, fans of the notch don’t have to pay premium to get a phone with a notchy display. Case in point in the US, customers have the option of picking up models like the Nokia  [Read More…]

The newly-released Facebook Portal and Portal Plus are $50 off today

So nice to see you.

Amazon is offering $ 50 off both the Facebook Portal and the Portal Plus devices. Both were released just a short while ago, and in his review our pal Russell called it his “new favorite way to video chat.” Head there if you want a nice in-depth assessment, which resulted in 3.5 out of 5 stars. Note that an active Facebook account is required to use either device.

Facebook’s foray into the  [Read More…]

Logitech’s K400 Plus wireless keyboard is back down to just $18

Want to sit on your couch and type on your TV? You need this keyboard in your living room.

These days just about everyone has a smart TV or something smart connected to their TV, like an Xbox One, Kodi, Android TV, or similar. Navigating the interfaces and trying to type in things as simple as a URL can quickly become a pain if you don’t have a keyboard to do it.

Logitech’s K400 Plus wireless keyboard  [Read More…]

Best wireless chargers for the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

The Galaxy S8 Plus is the bigger take on the 2017 flagship phone experience from Samsung and even today it’s among sexier devices on the market. It can still run with the best of ’em, and we love all of the nifty hardware. One feature we simply adore is wireless charging. Once you’ve used it, it’s hard to mess with cables ever again.

Here are some of the best Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus wireless chargers for home, work, and even  [Read More…]

T-Mobile adds low-cost REVVL 2, REVVL 2 Plus to phone lineup

T-Mobile has added successors to its REVVL and REVVL Plus smartphones, tapping the duo for release on November 16. Unsurprisingly, they’ll debut as the REVVL 2 and REVVL 2 PLUS.

As carrier-branded versions of the Alcatel 3 and Alcatel 7, the pair of phones give users entry-level hardware with Android 8 Oreo. The two handsets are what first-time smartphone owners might be interested in checking out.

Both phones feature displays with 18:9 aspect ratios, fingerprint sensors, facial recognition, and mirror  [Read More…]