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Huawei’s Honor 6 Plus packs glass on both sides, uses two cameras for neat tricks

Huawei’s latest device, the Honor 6 Plus, has been available for a few weeks now (in limited markets) but here at CES 2015 we’ve actually had an opportunity to get our hands on it. The Honor 6 Plus is a step above the Honor 6, and comes in at the equivalent of about $ 320 unlocked. It packs a metal and glass body, 5.5-inch 1080p display, quad-core processor and 3GB of RAM. But  [Read More…]

The Huawei Honor 6 Plus with its dual rear 8MP cameras is now on sale for $399

The Huawei Honor 6 Plus smartphone that was first announced in mid-December is now available for sale on the oppomart website for $ 399 without a contract. The phone’s standout feature is its two rear 8MP cameras that allow users to take 13MP images.

Huawei’s Honor 6 Plus comes with dual rear 8MP cameras

Thanks to their relatively small lenses and sensors, lowlight photography can be difficult on smartphones, but Huawei thinks they have a solution with the dual rear cameras on the Huawei Honor 6 Plus. Sporting not one, but two 8-megapixel sensors, which Huawei claims combined provide an “effective pixel size” of 1.98 microns. For comparison, the HTC One M8 has 2-micron pixels on its main camera, but it’s just a 4MP unit. Apart from the trick cameras,  [Read More…]

Google Plus adds new options for gender identity

Google is making it easier for those who don’t identify themselves within the bounds of “male” or “female” on Google Plus. Rachael Bennet, a Google software engineer, announced via the social network that there are now more options for listing one’s gender on their profile.

Accessory of the Day: Pack of 10 microfiber cleaning cloths plus extras, $7.99


Time to wipe away those pesky smudges and oily blotches from your screen? This pack of Microfiber Cleaning Cloths is perfect for your phones, tablets, cameras, and even glasses! Included in the pack are ten 6 x 7″ cleaning cloths and two 5.5 x 3″ cloths. With the 5-star reviews that manufacturers dream of, this bargain is available for only $ 7.99 (Prime eligible)!

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Samsung Netherlands confirms Galaxy S5 Plus pricing at €599

Remember that Galaxy S5 Plus that’s launching in Netherlands? It looks like we can now confirm official pricing on the handset. According to a press release issued by Samsung’s Netherlands branch, the device will land in the country in late October for €599.

Galaxy S5 Plus features a faster Snapdragon 805 CPU, retains FHD display

Samsung quietly launched the Galaxy S5 Plus — a faster variant of the standard Galaxy S5 with a 2.5 GHz Snapdragon 805 CPU — in Singapore earlier this year (under the Galaxy S5 4G+ moniker), and now the device is now making its way to Netherlands. If you’re wondering, this isn’t the international version of the QHD display toting Galaxy S5 LTE-A, although the device features LTE Category 6 connectivity, which allows you to download at  [Read More…]

Nexus 6 vs iPhone 6 Plus: The battle of the phablets

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 14.44.43

So Google have now announced their new flagship device, we can finally see their response to Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus. For most, the decision on which device to get is simple as it is the platform that dictates the buying decision, but for some, platform doesn’t play as an important part in the decision.

We’ve stacked up the Nexus 6 against  [Read More…]

HTC One M8 gets Eye Experience update plus Android 4.4.4 in Europe

Just days after HTC announced a new suite of selfie-centric software features at an event in New York City, the “HTC Eye Experience” is starting to roll out to HTC One M8 devices in Europe, with Android 4.4.4 in tow. The main focus of the update is a bunch of camera features from the upcoming HTC Desire Eye, including face tracking, split capture, “Face Fusion,” voice selfie, live makeup and photo booth.

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AC editors’ apps of the week: Cookpad, Airbnb, Hulu plus and more

See what apps the AC editors are checking out this week

So many apps. In fact, there are over 1,375,000 apps in Google Play alone right this very instant. That means two things — we’re sure to find more than a few apps that we like, and we all can benefit from some word-of-mouth recommendations from folks we know and trust. Like the editors here at AC.

We live and breathe Android apps. It’s not only  [Read More…]