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Plex podcasts feature is now out of beta with Android Auto support

If you’re not already a user of the media juggernaut app Plex, then you just got one more reason to start. After two short months in beta, Plex has now officially added podcast support to the app with support for Android Auto. Not only that but one of the most important features of a podcast app is support for offline files and Plex has that too.

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Google Podcasts vs. Pocket Casts: Which podcast app should you use?

A battle of Google integration vs. every feature you could ask for.

After years and years of waiting, Google finally launched an official podcast app on June 19. Android’s long been in need of a first-party solution for downloading and listening to podcasts, and now that that solution is here and we’ve had time to really dig deep into it, it’s time to determine whether or not it was worth the wait.

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How to use Google Podcasts

Need some help navigating Google’s new Podcasts app? We’ve got you 👍

After launching a podcast interface in the Google Search app in mid-March, Google’s finally come out with a proper, standalone app for keeping up to date with all of your favorite audio-only shows.

Google Podcasts is a very simple app, but even so, it can be helpful knowing exactly how to make your way through it. As such, we’ve put together a short list of  [Read More…]

Google Podcasts app is official and now available in the Play Store

In the past months, we’ve seen Google do much development in the background dealing with podcasts. The company has been updating the UI and functionality of podcasts that you can find in Search. Now they have released the official app for podcasts, so you don’t have to do the roundabout “add to home screen” method.

This new Google Podcast app, though, is essentially the same as the previous method uncovered earlier in the year — an Assistant shortcut. Similar to  [Read More…]

Google Podcasts: Everything you need to know!

Google Podcasts is now a dedicated app.

Google has been slowly dipping its toes into the warming podcast waters of the past few years, first bringing native support to Google Play Music and then, more recently, launching playback, curation, and downloads within the Google Feed.

Now, Google is launching a dedicated app for podcasts, and here’s what you need to know!

The latest Google Podcasts news June 19, 2018 — Google Podcasts launches on Android

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Plex updates apps with customizable home screen and announces podcasts!

Plex announces support for Podcasts in beta and revamps mobile home screen UI with new customizable options, bottom tabs, and cross server support.

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Plex adds podcasts to its refreshed mobile app

Add podcasts to your Plex Media Library as well as being treated to a nicer mobile application.

Podcasts are important to a lot of us, but if your personal media is organized with Plex then you’re still going off to another application to get your fix. That all changes as Plex is announcing the launch of podcast support for its users.

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Spotify’s ‘Spotlight’ feature adds a visual touch to podcasts and news

Spotlight adds the visual component to Spotify you never knew you wanted.

Like a lot of you reading this, Spotify is my go-to app for listening to music. However, do a little bit of digging and you’ll see that it has a lot more to offer than just your favorite tunes. Spotify is also home to a wide range of podcasts covering just about every topic you could imagine, and these will soon become even better with a new  [Read More…]

60dB brings you personalized podcasts with style

Overview: 60dB is an app that offers curated short-form audio, such as podcasts, based on your preferences and history, with a clean and simple interface and no frills. Developer: Tiny Garage Labs Cost: Free (in beta) Impressions: 60dB is a podcast and internet radio app, currently in beta on Android, that allows you to aggregate […]

Google is now making its own podcasts, and the first one is really good

Google is getting into original podcasts, and you should listen.

I’m obsessed with podcasts. When I’m not writing or listening to music, I’m usually walking down the street with someone’s voice in my head (😱). And increasingly, podcasts are big business. Companies like Slate, Gimlet and even we here at Mobile Nations have made a pretty good dent in the universe with series that appeal to every type of person.

Well, after Spotify announced that it was  [Read More…]