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Can I point an indoor security camera outside through a window?

Best answer: Yes. You can point an indoor security camera outside through a window, but it may not work as well as you’re hoping.

Amazon: Nest Cam Outdoor ($ 179)

Why would you want to point an indoor security camera outside?

The benefits of pointing a security camera outside through a window are pretty simple. You don’t have to worry about mounting cameras to the side of your home, along with worrying about wiring everything properly.  [Read More…]

Honor 7A + 7C bring face unlock to the sub-£170 price point

New budget phones pack premium features.

When you’re selling a phone for less than £200, you need to be very careful about which corners you cut. This price point is rife with devices that choose the wrong compromises, and it’s this which Huawei’s Honor brand is set to counter with its new Honor 7A and 7C phones, selling for £139.99 and £169.99 respectively.

Both devices borrow heavily from the design language of the Honor 8 Pro and  [Read More…]

Today only, save up to 40% on BIC essentials you’ll be buying at some point anyways

The easiest decision you’ll make all day.

Today only, Amazon is offering up to 40% off BIC office supplies. The items included are things like pens, pencils, and highlighters. You know you’re going to need them at some point, whether it’s for restocking your home office, or grabbing school supplies. Now’s the time to buy and avoid paying full price…or running out when you need them the most.

Some notable items:

Gel-ocity 8-pack Fashion Retractable Gel Pens  [Read More…]

Ubiquiti’s new AmpliFi mesh point aims to expand your wireless footprint (Review)

I think it is safe to say that everyone has experienced issues with their home wifi at some point. I think a good number of you feel me when I say there is that one spot in your house that just pisses you off because you can’t get a good connection. Often this is because […]

Samsung Galaxy A5 + A3 launch in the UK: Flagship features come to an affordable price point

Glass construction, water resistance, and latest Samsung UI arrive in new 4.7 and 5.2-inch handsets.

Samsung has unleashed the latest devices in its mid-priced A series on the UK, with the arrival of the 2017 variants of the Galaxy A3 and A5. As in previous years, Samsung has brought a smattering of high-end features to a more affordable price point through the pint-sized 4.7-inch A3, and the larger 5.2-inch A5.

Both phones share a similar glass and  [Read More…]

New Samsung Galaxy S8 leaks point to the inclusion of a popular Note feature

The Samsung Galaxy S8 leaks are coming fast and furious now. We’ve brought you news the past few days about the possibility of the design language changing and our first look at the new lockscreen for the device. Today, something a little bit different. Despite rumors of the new phone(s) dropping the 3.5mm headphone jack,

Snapchat Spectacles allow you to snap through your point of view

After a brief flurry of leaks, Snap Inc., formerly Snapchat, has revealed its latest product, Snapchat Spectacles. The product follows in a similar line of wearables to Google Glass, adding a camera to a regular pair of sunglasses. Snapchat Spectacles feature a 115-degree lens that mimics the viewing range of the human eye, essentially capturing the same image that you’re seeing. Each tap of the button records up to ten seconds of video.

The glasses will feature a ring of  [Read More…]

From the Editor’s Desk: The point of no return

The Galaxy Note 7 will always be ‘Samsung’s exploding smartphone.’

It’s not been a great week for the Galaxy Note 7, following on from Samsung’s unprecedented global recall earlier in the month. The following have happened in the past seven days:

A Note 7 reportedly caught fire in an Australian hotel room, causing AU$ 1,870 worth of damage. Midweek it was reported that a charging Note 7 may have been behind the incineration of a  [Read More…]

Rumors point to Samsung issuing a complete recall of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7

According to a report from The Verge and The Korea Herald, Samsung is in discussions now to possible recall the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. There have been reports of the Note 7’s battery exploding and catching fire while charging. The rumors point to Samsung recalling the Galaxy Note 7 as soon as this weekend. “Results

Why #StandWithApple misses the point

Rational arguments — not cheerleading — is what’s going protect the integrity of our pocket-sized computers.

It’s still not just about Apple. And it’s still not just about the iPhone. And it’s infinitely more important than hashtags and T-shirts. Apple’s opposition to the FBI’s demand that it create an alternative operating system that would aid in the unlocking of a smartphone connected to the San Bernardino terrorist attack may well be the most important legal fight since the  [Read More…]