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Cricket Wireless’ new rewards program lets customers earn points for gift cards and more

AT&T’s no-contract subsidiary Cricket Wireless has started a new rewards program. It will offer its customers ways to earn and accumulate points that can be used later to acquire gift cards and more. The company says this is the only rewards program launched by a no-contract wireless carrier.

From the Editor’s Desk: Coffee and bullet points

There’s something about sitting on a porch with a cup of coffee that leads to brain dumps. Although that could be because I’m the only one in this house silly enough to be awake on a porch at 5:30 a.m. on a Sunday. Nobody’s awake for waffles yet. (Mmmmmmmm. Waffles.)

So with that in mind, here’s what’s been on mine.

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LG G4 Stylus and G4c bring some flagship style to lower price points

LG is bringing some of the looks and features of the G4 into two lower-end devices.

Hoping to build on the halo created by the LG G4 launch, LG has announced two lower-end devices with the same naming to come in underneath the flagship. The LG G4 Stylus and G4c are larger and smaller, respectively, than the G4 proper, but each one offers a similar design and features to the high-end device.

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HTC teaser points to more powerful BoomSound speakers on the One M9

HTC’s latest teaser for the upcoming One M9 suggests that we may see a more powerful BoomSound stereo speaker configuration on the device. The Taiwanese manufacturer teased a video on Twitter with the tagline “Get your hands on bigger boom”, followed by a reveal date of March 1, which is when the One M9 is set to officially debut.

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Microsoft offers Bing Rewards Android app for US users to rack up and monitor points

Microsoft has released an Android version of its Bing Rewards app for US residents, allowing those folks who are also members of that service to not just generate points but to monitor them and exchange those points for prizes.

Waze update lets you catalog local points of interest

Waze just picked up an update to version 3.9 that sees the addition of a new feature called Places, through which users will be able to add and edit information about local businesses, residences and other points of interest.

Blood Bowl game scores points with its Android tablet launch

Blood Bowl, which puts a violent, and highly satirical, fantasy spin on American football, has made its way to [Android] (http://www.androidcentral.com/android-kitkat) tablets for the first time after being released first as a board game and later as a console and PC title.

KitKat usage ticks up a few more percentage points

Slowly but surely, Android 4.4 KitKat is on the rise. The most recent version of Android saw an increase of 4.3 percentage points, according to the latest numbers released by Google. The results include devices that have pinged the Google Play Store over the past seven days, ending July 7. Here’s how it breaks down:

Android 4.4 KitKat: 17.9 percent, up from 13.6 percent at the beginning of June. Android 4.1-4.3 Jelly Bean: 55.5 percent, down  [Read More…]

HTC One M8 ‘Ace’ leak points to single camera, June 3 release

A more affordable version of the HTC One M8 may be on the way, according to a leak on a Chinese website. The device is slated for a June 3 release and could well be the rumored HTC One “M8 Ace” we’ve been covering. We’ve previously looked at what its next Android smartphone would be and this cheaper HTC One M8 would bring the company in line with what competitors are offering.

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More info points towards “Google” button replacing home button in nav bar

We’ve heard that the next version of Android will have some major changes to the user interface. In fact, many of the rumored changes I don’t even like! But one of the rumors was that Google will be replacing the home button in the navigation bar with a “Google” button, and the latest info suggests that it might be true.

Android navigation buttons

The new button design is actually pretty attractive, with  [Read More…]