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How to learn new moves in Pokémon Masters

Even though Pokémon Masters isn’t a standard Pokémon RPG, there are plenty of stats to level up on your Sync Pairs. New moves are essential in the game as your enemies get very powerful very quickly, and your Sync Pairs will need to respond. Here’s what you need to know about learning new moves.

How to learn new moves Open Pokémon Masters on your phone.

From the home screen select team in the bottom right corner.

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Pokémon Masters: Where and how to obtain all 5 PML Badges

Because you can’t prove you’re ready to compete with the best trainers without the badges to prove it.

While there’s plenty more to the story of Pokémon Masters that you won’t want spoiled for you, one of your goals from early on in the game’s narrative is to form a team strong enough to compete and win the Pokémon Masters League. The top tournament on the human-made island of Pasio is supposed to feature the best of  [Read More…]

All the Sync Pairs you can get in Pokémon Masters

All the trainer-Pokémon duos you can collect.

Pokémon Masters is a fun mobile game available for Android and iOS phones. In this game, you’ll explore the artificial island of Pasio and work to take down the villainous Team Break. Unlike other Pokémon games, you do not capture individual Pokémon and add them to your party. Instead you’ll add several different Sync Pairs to your team. A Sync Pair is basically a trainer and its Pokémon. For example,  [Read More…]

What is Sync Pair Scouting in Pokémon Masters and how do you use it?

If you’ve just begun playing Pokémon Masters, you’ve probably discovered that there’s a lot going on in this game. You’re going to want to take advantage of all of the features available to you. One of the most important features is Sync Pair Scout, which allows you to add trainers and their Pokémon to your team. This article will show you how to get new team members through Sync Pair Scout and explain what a Sync Pair scout  [Read More…]

Make the most of Trainer Moves in Pokémon Masters

Pokémon Masters is a new mobile game that puts a bigger emphasis on Sync Pairs, which represent the strong bond between a Pokémon and its trainer. The game is set on the island of Pasio where Pokémon Trainers have congregated to compete in the Pokémon Masters League tournament.

Learning how to most effectively use Trainer Moves is crucial if you intend to become the Pokémon Masters League champion.

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Tune in to watch the Pokémon GO Invitational Tournament on August 16

Check out the first ever Pokémon GO Invitational Tournament on August 16

What you need to know The first ever Pokémon GO Invitational Tournament is being held on August 15, 2019. The Tournament will be held at 9:30 a.m. EST after the opening ceremony. You can tune in and watch the Pokémon GO Invitational Tournament on Twitch and YouTube.

It’s almost time to battle. Last month, we shared the news that the first ever Pokémon GO Invitational  [Read More…]

Ultra Bonuses are coming to Pokémon GO starting in September

Three weeks of bonuses, starting in September, are coming to Pokémon GO

What you need to know Professor Willow’s Global Challenge Ultra Bonus has been unlocked in Pokémon GO. While we don’t have specifics, there will be unique bonuses each week, for three weeks. These bonuses will begin on September 2, 2019.

Good news, Pokémon trainers! Yesterday, Niantic confirmed that that Professor Willow’s Global Challenge Ultra Bonus has been unlocked in Pokémon GO!  [Read More…]

Enjoy a week of Stardust-themed rewards in Pokémon GO

Enjoy a week of Stardust-themed rewards and bonuses in Pokémon GO

What you need to know Trainers in Pokémon GO succeeded in a recent challenge and have unlocked a week of Stardust-themed rewards. You’ll be able to get far more Catch, Hatch and Raid Stardust, as well as one-hour Starpieces. These bonuses will be available through August 20, 2019 for Trainers to enjoy.

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Pokémon Masters: A beginner’s guide

“Gotta catch ’em all” is more than a nostalgic catchphrase with this new mobile game.

The latest game from The Pokémon Company and DeNA, Pokémon Masters is somewhat of a departure from the normal Pokémon games. Very much a game designed for phones, Pokémon Masters is still a lot of fun, with complex game mechanics, as well as that all-important “Collectors” mentality.

The game releases officially in September but if you are in Canada — or you  [Read More…]