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Record every moment on-the-go with the $30 Polaroid Cube Act II Action Cam

Get the shot at a new low price.

Update: The black action camera is no longer available to ship with Prime shipping, meaning there is a shipping fee attached to it currently. You can still snag the blue version with Prime shipping at the deal price of $ 30 though, or pay the shipping fee as well if you’d rather have the black version

Polaroid’s Cube Act II HD Action Camera is a tiny video camera  [Read More…]

The Polaroid Moto Mod prints retro photos with incredible technology

Eighty years ago, a company called Polaroid sprouted from a garage not far from the current location of the MrMobile studio. The company’s founder soon developed a special polarization technology that was rapidly adopted across a slew of products ranging from desk lamps to sunglasses. That work later led to military contracts including pilot goggles, spy satellites, and a special synthetic quinine for treating malaria in troops serving in tropical regions. While that last bit sounds out of character  [Read More…]

Polaroid is still around and announced a camera/printer combo that is a thing for some reason

Remember Polaroids? The memories of taking a picture, ejecting a film and waving it around until a picture formed will be burned into my memory until the end of time. Polaroid is trying to capitalize on that nostalgia by announcing the Polaroid Pop, a new digital camera that will allow you to print your pictures on

Polaroid reveals unlocked Power and Snap smartphones

Polaroid announced on Wednesday their new range of unlocked smartphones. No beginner in the market,  we have previously seen a few Android devices from the company known for its camera’s. The new range comprises of two smartphones with reasonable specs, the one model with different screen sizes. They are on display at CES 2016, but will be available in the market within the next few months.

The interesting model here is the Polaroid Snap. It comes in three different variants, each  [Read More…]

CES 2016: Polaroid Snap Plus instant print Camera

Polaroid has just introduced a new product to its camera line called the Polaroid Snap Plus and this is something that I think a lot of people will find fairly interesting, especially those that love to have physical copies of pictures without having to head to Walmart or somewhere similar to print them and then pay for them.

The Polaroid Snap Plus comes with a microSD card slot that supports SD Cards up to 128GB. All pictures, and even video, can  [Read More…]

Polaroid L series tablets to run as low as $100


polaroid-L10Polaroid last week announced its upcoming budget-friendly “L” line of tablets set for launch this spring. Slated to sell in 7-inch (L7) and 10-inch (L10) sizes, the duo run Android 5.0 Lollipop and feature quad-core processors. The full set of specifications is not yet clear though we can expect Wi-Fi connectivity, front-facing and rear cameras, front facing speakers,  [Read More…]