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Weekly Poll: Does your Chromecast travel with you?

Have you ever imagined a world, where every time you travel you could access your favorite movies and television from home even though you’re at a hotel? It’s not a fantasy, as any Chromecast can tell you. Whether you choose to travel with your Chromecast, or you prefer leaving it at home, it’s all about preference.

This week we want to know if you take advantage the portable nature of the Chromecast and Chromecast Audio by  [Read More…]

Weekly Poll Followup: Battery monitoring is best with a percentage

Last week we asked How you prefer to monitor your battery. As important as our phones have become in day to day life, if you run out of juice then you’re not going to be using it for much. There are a few different ways to monitor the battery life on your phone, and we wanted to know how you prefer to do just that.

In last week’s poll we gave you four options: “just the  [Read More…]

Weekly Poll: How do you monitor the battery life on your phone?

Our phones have in many ways become an extension of ourselves, and we’ve all felt the ominous shivers when we’re about to run out of battery when there is no charge cord to be found. There are plenty of ways to keep an eye on your battery life, whether it’s limiting the apps you use, or keeping a tighter eye on your power usage.

So this week we’re curious as to how you keep track of  [Read More…]

Weekly Poll Followup: Tech is mostly prepared in case of bad weather

Last week we asked if you prep your tech before a storm. There is plenty to worry about when getting ready for a storm, and making sure your technology is properly prepped isn’t always a priority. We use our phones like lifelines these days, doing everything from getting the most up to date weather to spending hours playing games when we can’t leave the house.

With that in mind we gave you four options in last week’s  [Read More…]

Weekly Poll: Do you prep your tech before a bad storm?

When a bad snowstorm is on the horizon, your thoughts might immediately turn to a grocery store run to pick up the essentials before the shelves are picked bare, or making sure that you have salt and a shovel to handle the snow after it’s hit the ground. What you probably didn’t immediately think about is whether your tech is properly prepped to get through a bad storm unscathed. You can’t check to see if the grocery  [Read More…]

Weekly poll results: Simple wearable tech wins out

Last week we asked what kind of fitness tracking you want in your life. There are plenty of options out there to track your fitness, however you want to do it. This includes new products like the Under Armour HealthBox or tried and true apps like Google Fit.

We gave you four simple choices for last week’s poll. You could choose between “I want to track as much as possible,” “a simple easy to wear accessory that  [Read More…]

Weekly Poll: What kind of fitness tracking do you want in your life?

Technology has given us the ability to keep better track of our workouts and daily fitness — even if it’s just tracking the number of steps you take daily. So this week our question for you, is what kind of fitness tracking do you want in your life? Whether you have your eye on the new Fitbit Blaze, or the UA HealthBox or whether you’ve been using Google Fit on your smartphone for months, we want to  [Read More…]

Weekly poll results: Love for everything else at CES

Last week we asked which device announcement from CES 2016 was your favorite. There were so many fantastic announcements at CES 2016 that trying to decide on a favorite is definitely difficult. There were so many fantastic devices we got to see for the first time, like the HTC Vive Pre, or the Samsung Galaxy TabPro S.

We gave you your choice from our Top Picks of CES 2016 which meant you got ten of the best  [Read More…]

Weekly Poll: What was your favorite device announcement at CES 2016?

CES 2016 has come and gone, bringing us some awesome new devices to keep an eye on, and more announcements than you can shake a stick out. We’ve already put together our Top picks of CES 2016, but now we want your opinion. In this week’s poll we ask what your favorite device announced at CES 2016 was. Whether you fell in love with the new features of the HTC Vive Pre or the sleek design of  [Read More…]

Weekly Poll Followup: Show us the smartphones!

Last week we asked what you were most looking forward to from CES 2016. With a week full of announcements there is always plenty to get excited about, though running into it, we weren’t certain what to expect. The show was jam-packed with news, from cool new features coming to the HTC Vive to news of new phones like the Honor 5X coming to the US.

Since there was no way to truly know what we  [Read More…]