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It’s different, and many would say improved – but what do you say?

Right now, the hottest thing in the Android Universe is the Galaxy S5. Usually we’re the hottest thing in the Android universe, but we’re OK being behind the new phone from the biggest Android OEM for a few weeks. And because this is the Internet, you can’t say the words Galaxy S5 without someone else saying the words TouchWiz.

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It’s that time again. Right around the beginning of this year I decided we were going to start a little bit of quarterly fun and poll you, the readers of Android Central, about what version of Android you were using. It’s by no means scientific, and there’s not much we can’t find out other ways — like checking the website stats — but it is a great way to get a discussion going. And that’s what  [Read More...]

Along with the announcement of Android Wear, we received a cursory look at two of its first smartwatches — the Moto 360 and LG G Watch.

There’s still a lot we don’t know. We don’t know the display tech being used. We have no idea about battery life. And we don’t know price. But that’s never kept folks from forming an opinion before, and there’s nothing wrong with preferring the look of one over the other.

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Poll: Are you keeping Amazon Prime?

Amazon today announced a $ 20 increase to its Amazon Prime service, which offers up “free” two-day shipping along with the tens of thousands of movies and TV shows you can stream for free, and half-million books available for borrowing. The fee increase means you’ll be paying $ 99 a year for the privilege — all of $ 5 more than what you’d pay Netflix for its basic streaming service. 

So will you be renewing?

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You’ve probably heard that 2014 is the year of the smartwatch. We’re not sure that we would label it as such, but we do agree that they are going to get more popular, especially if Google or Apple jump into the fray. We’ve already seen some great new stuff with the Pebble Steel and Samsung’s Gear 2 and Gear Fit, and if the vendors at CES and MWC have their way we’re about to get flooded with  [Read More...]

Late-night poll: How big is too big?

Android Central

4-inches, 4.65-inches, 5.3-inches, when will it all end?  When we decide they are too big and stop buying them, that’s when.  When the HTC EVO 4G came out at 4.3-inches, people wanted more.  The Galaxy Nexus checked in at 4.65, people are wanting more.  Now we have the Galaxy Note at 5.3, and the rumored LG Optimus Vu at 5-inches but with a 4:3 aspect ratio.  Those are big phones.  Everyone  [Read More...]


You might have heard that Google has a new consolidated privacy policy coming in March.  All the cool kids are talking about it, and even Microsoft has had a little to say to help you decide how you feel about it.  On one side, you have folks who aren’t concerned or say it’s a good thing, and on the other you have those who say Google’s new policy is horrible for us,  [Read More...]

Late night poll: Do you make in-app purchases?

in app billing

In-app billing is a bit of a touchy subject.  Nobody begrudges developers that try to make a few dollars, but billing for extra content as a per-app basis just isn’t very popular among users.  Some don’t like the fact that purchases are tied to a particular phone, and we can certainly understand that.  Wiping your phone or buying a new one and losing all your game content is no fun.  [Read More...]

Is Google right to say farewell to the Menu button? [POLL]

The menu button has lost its space among the elite conventions of Android UI design. What once was Menu, Back, Home, Search has become Back, Home, App Tray, and Google wants Android  [Read More...]

Droid X game mode: ON

Games can be really fun to play on your Android device.  There’s all sorts of them available, from ones for dedicated “gaming” hardware like the Xperia Play, to HD games optimized for tablets.  But Android is good for a lot of things besides games.  Some use their device as the web in their hands, others need a portable e-mail solution, some of us are heavy texters.  Tonight, I’m  [Read More...]