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Moto Z2 Force India review: A great phone let down by a poor camera

Motorola is bringing the Moto Z2 Force to India six months after its global debut, and that puts the phone in a tough spot.

Motorola launched the Moto Z2 Force in the U.S. over six months ago, and while the ShatterShield tech was a welcome addition that allowed the phone to stand out, the $ 720 retail price and woeful camera meant it wasn’t quite as good as flagships from Samsung and LG.

For its Indian launch,  [Read More…]

This $50 speaker turns your Amazon Echo Dot into a poor man’s Sonos Play:1

… Minus the deep, deep bass. And everything else great Sonos does. But this is still a cool little accessory for an Echo Dot.

There’s nothing particularly exciting about the Amazon Echo Dot when it comes to audio, at least not with the speaker itself. Sure, it can play music, but it sounds horrible. You know that when you bought it, of course, and the Echo Dot helpfully has a a 3.5mm line-out jack, and the ability  [Read More…]

ZTE considers cancelling Project CSX ‘Hawkeye’ smartphone after poor response

ZTE continues to trip over its own proverbial feet by assuming that a crowd knows what it wants.

The crowdsourced, crowdfunded ZTE Hawkeye, which in just under three weeks has raised only $ 35,000, has come under fire for ostensibly thinking that its potential audience would be willing to concede to a mid-range spec sheet after lobbying for the device to be a pie-in-the-sky project from the get-go.

Despite the fact that two features — eye-tracking  [Read More…]

We talked briefly with the poor guy who owns the @alphabet Twitter handle

Chris Andrikanich is an iPhone 6-wielding guy who found his fairly average Twitter account completely overrun with seemingly random messages of congratulations and suggestions that he was about to come into big money. Why, you ask? Mr. Andrikanich is known as @alphabet on Twitter, and after Google’s big restructuring announcement earlier today lots of folks on the Internet assumed Google would want to move in to this newly coveted handle.

Despite the chaos that had befallen his  [Read More…]

HTC CEO apologizes for poor performance, promises new “Hero” device in the fall

It’s no secret that the new flagship this year from HTC, the One M9, hasn’t been a hit.  Actually, a scary thought would be if HTC expected it to be.  The One M9 did not bring much to the table, in comparison with the One M8 of last year.

It’s apparent that this poor performance has disturbed investors, bringing about a drop in stock to a 12-year low of NT$ 98. At a shareholders meeting this week, HTC CEO Cher Wang went on  [Read More…]

How to fix poor audio on your Nexus 9

Not all audio tracks are created equal, turning off the emulated ‘surround sound’ may help

Ever fire up a movie (even one you’ve downloaded) in the Google Play Movies and TV app on your Nexus 9, and noticed the sound was just horribad? That underwater warbly sound likely isn’t an issue with your new tablet, or with the movie you just rented or bought — it’s probably an incorrect setting.

There’s not much we hate more  [Read More…]

This poor Jurassic World employee wearing a Galaxy Gear is about to be eaten by a dinosaur

It’s been 22 years since Jurassic Park hit theaters and forever changed cinema, and today we’ve got our first glimpse at the fourth installment of the franchise: Jurassic World. Taking us back to Isla Nublar, the island where the first movie was set (not the “Site B” of the less two sequels), Jurassic World imagines a world where Jurassic Park eventually became a functional theme park. One where at least one employee has some sort of tracking app installed  [Read More…]

HTC apologizes for poor Nexus 9 flash sale experience, offers fix for the future

Yesterday, HTC ran a flash sale for the new Nexus 9 tablet offering as much as 50 percent off the base 16 GB WiFi model. As a result, its site was inundated and the promotion sold out quickly. Users who attempted to partake in the offer were greeted with server errors and HTC USA head Jason Mackenzie is acknowledging the problem, stating that it is working on a fix for future sale events.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 appears in poor quality render

We’ve heard about the as yet unnanounced Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 before – outed by Samsung no less – but until now we’ve seen nothing more than a name. Serial leaker, @evleaks has today posted this, the apparent first image of the new 7-inch Galaxy Tab 4. But it isn’t exactly a quality render, with the screen looking off center and the home button not quite, well, straight.

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Homerun Battle 3D, root access, and poor communication leads to knee-jerk reactions


image credit umpire.org

Com2Us are the distributors and developers on a semi-popular game in the Android Market — Homerun Battle 3D.  Recently, in order to try to kill the rampant cheating that goes on in the multi-player online games, they made a huge mistake.  Com2Us sent out an update that blocked anyone who had rooted their phone from playing.  As you can imagine, the uproar from people who had already spent $  [Read More…]