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This 20000mAh Car Jump Starter features a USB-C port with Power Delivery for $72

This is a must-have.

The iClever 30W 20000mAh car jump starter is basically a huge portable battery which can even charge your MacBook or Nintendo Switch. Using coupon code ABCD3366 you can pick one up for just $ 71.99, which is nearly $ 20 off its regular price. It’s designed for vehicles with up to 8L gas or 6.5L diesel engines and can jump them up to 40 times with its included 800A current heavy-duty metal clamps.

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Add a HDMI port to your new Chromebook with this $17 Anker adapter

Anker’s USB-C to HDMI adapter is only $ 16.79 with code ANKER836. It’s $ 24 without the code and has not had a direct price drop from that price in many, many months.

In The Wirecutter‘s roundup of the best USB-C adapters, they consider this one the best for anyone who wants to hook up a modern USB-C only laptop to an HDMI monitor or high-definition TV. Not only does this tiny adapter have a solid build quality  [Read More…]

Google Home Max has a slight latency issue with its aux port

Thankfully, most users won’t ever notice this.

Google recently launched the Home Max as its flagship smart speaker, and although it’s not perfect, it’s still a lot of fun for audio lovers that are heavily invested in Google’s walled-garden. The speaker isn’t without its flaws, but there’s a new one that was recently discovered that could prove to be a pain in the butt for a small group of people.

First reported by Variety, the Google Home  [Read More…]

Google Camera port now supports RAW images and full HDR+ control

The latest update for the Google Camera app port brings RAW image capture, full HDR customization, and numerous performance tweaks.

Last month, a developer in Ukraine created a forked version of the Google Camera app that allowed it to be installed on a lot of other Android phones not made by Google. The port’s been riddled with quite a few bugs and missing features since its initial release, but the latest update takes this from being an experiment to  [Read More…]

Google Camera HDR+ Port APK updated with Zero Shutter Lag

The Google Camera app found on the Pixel devices was ported with working HDR+ mode earlier this month to pretty much any device that ran on a Snapdragon 820/821 or 835 chip to install the APK. The problem was that although the functionality reflected that found on the Pixel devices, the experience was somewhat lacking. […]

Grab TYLT’s dual USB port car charger for $20 today

Looking for a portable car charger that can handle more than one device at a time? If so, check out TYLT’s Y-Charge with two USB ports that you can add a cable of your choice to, all for just $ 20 today!

Unitek 60W 5 Port USB Car Charger: Keep your backseat passengers happy with a USB charging extension hub (review)

The dreaded low battery symbol shows up on my phone at least four times a week. You would think that I would learn to plug in my phone before going to bed every night, but I guess I subconsciously enjoy making my life difficult. There seems to be a correlation to my phone dying only

Grab this 5 port USB charging station for $16 right now!

Right now you can pick up a 5 port USB charging station for just $ 16 with coupon code 5AUPOWER. It features a single Quick Charge 2.0 port and four 2.4A ports, and you can use them all at the same time to safely charge your various devices. If you have a bunch of different devices that you like to charge at the same time and don’t want to be lugging around a bulky power strip, this is a great  [Read More…]

Lumsing’s dual port charger covers all of your charging needs, including USB Type-C and QC 3.0

Quick Charge, Quick Charge 2.0, Fast Charge, Quick Charge 3.0 and the list goes on and on. Android smartphones are annoyingly confusing when it comes to charging terminology. All we really care about is that our phones and tablets charge as fast as possible. We shouldn’t have to do research on what exactly each charging

Sony’s next flagship may sport a dual-LED flash, USB-C port

New photos of what appear to be Sony‘s next smartphone have leaked out. The phone, under the model number F8331 or F8332, appears to sport a dual-LED flash for its rear camera, along with a USB-C port for charging and wired data transfer.

The photos first popped up on GSMArena (via XperiaBlog):

The F833X line will reportedly launch later this year. The phone is said to feature a 1080p display, along  [Read More…]